Crucial Book Publishing Tips for First-Time Authors


When you’re a first-time author, it’s always very hard to get the attention that you think you deserve. No matter how fantastic your book idea is, if you can’t find a publisher who is willing to invest on the publication of your manuscript then all your talent would just go to waste. As an up-and-coming author who has still to make your name, what can you do to possibly make it in such a cutthroat industry?

Fortunately, there are some smart steps you can take to forge your way through the publishing industry:

  • Do the necessary research. Read books by knowledgeable experts that talk about writing guidelines, manuscript submissions, and other related topics to gain an idea about the current literary marketplace. Other good sources of information are blogs by established writers and publishers as you may be able to get some valuable advice and insider information from these people.
  • Submit an impressive book proposal, as it is one of the effective ways that you can catch the attention of book publishers. Learn how to write one from the many resources that you can find online. In addition, you can ask a literary expert to review your proposal and provide feedback to make it better.
  • Get an agent who can represent you and help you form connections with publishing companies. If you do not have much knowledge of the literary industry yet, having someone who does by your side will make the process a lot easier.
  • Give self-publishing a chance. So many successful authors have launched their writing careers by not waiting around for a major publishing firm to notice them but relying on their own efforts instead. If you have the resources and you are not intimidated by having to do some marketing work, then this would be the right strategy for you.

Out of the above tips, embarking on a self-publishing venture could give you the most advantages. For one, you will not have to wait a long time for your book to get published. Second, you have full creative control over the content, layout, and design of your work. Third, you have the opportunity to earn 100% of the profits from the sales of your book.

If ever you consider going into self-publishing in the future, you must have a reliable partner by your side that can guide you throughout the entire process. You would want a firm that has proven itself in the industry and has a vast and diverse selection of publishing packages and services that you can take advantage of.

BookWhirl, a leading self-publishing and book marketing company, can be that kind of partner for you. From being a firm that specialized only in online book marketing, BookWhirl has grown and expanded its range of services to include publishing packages that adapt to the diverse demands of different authors. It has also launched new and innovative marketing services that serve to boost exposure and distribution of published books.

Along with these services, the company also provides first-time authors the chance to learn the ropes of the self-publishing process through a free publishing guide that can be downloaded here: <>. To learn the latest updates about BookWhirl, you can log on to their Facebook or Twitter page.

It is the dream of all writers to gain recognition for their talents and work. While there are a few who succeed, there are many others who remain struggling. You can outsmart the system and earn the success you so deserve by going into self-publishing. Who knows, you could be the next toast of the literary world.


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