Pros and Cons in Publishing a Book

More authors nowadays are embracing the deal in self-publishing a book and leaving the traditional ways of getting their books heard behind. However, the account of book publishing doesn’t just stop there. Whether it is the traditional way or self-publishing, pros and cons are always along its course.

Traditional vs. Digital

These terms speak for themselves. It’s called traditional because it used to be the standard for authors to follow certain rules of publishers before their books get the right to be heard in the public. Digital however has always been associated with the evolution of online publishing of books using high technology.

Plus and flaws

Traditional book publishing follows standard process before your book gets published. First, you have to look for publishers that would cater your book’s genre. Next, you would correspond with them from time to time and would carefully follow their instructions so your book could at least equal with their standards that would lead it to be published. Should an author meet with the high standard of the conventional way, the chance of a novel to be available in bookstores is greater. The publisher also takes the responsibility of the editing and the arts of your book’s cover. Some have become successful in such ways; but it is also true that most authors are inclining themselves into the modern way of publishing their book called self-publishing.

In self-publishing, an author doesn’t need any publisher to get his word get known in the reading public because he is the publisher. With that, an author has the full control over the content and presentation, including the cover, editing, formatting, and book marketing. However, an author has the option to partner with a publisher to lessen such responsibility in the most funneled ways.

To get your book an audience without necessarily trying hard to fit into the standard round hole of the limited number of publishers in the world is the big pro of self-publishing. However, many writers have inclined themselves into it and get their work ripped apart by solid critiques because they are not ready yet to take the leap. Sometimes, authors need professional editors and graphic designers in order for their books to be ready in the publishing and marketing field.


Provided you are a great author of a great book, committed, persuaded for a better change in your publishing career; but you lack time to make everything perfect towards your envisioned way of self-publishing and marketing your book. Still, it makes you stuck. Yet you cannot just sit there and be languorous with your ideas of getting your book be heard. The fact is that there are thousands of publishing companies that offer out of the ordinary publishing and marketing services you may need in that process.

For instance, BookWhirl has sphere of graphic design and formatting tools designed and fitted with every genre of a book. Just like many publishing companies, BookWhirl has professional copy editors who can help save your time expurgating your work into perfectness. In addition to that, you can take advantage of its exceptional and professional layout design and text formatting of your book, making it ready to be out in the market. With BookWhirl, your goal to be a successful author goes beyond book publishing and moves forward to a thriving book marketing.

Choose the right way

What seems to be an effective approach for your book publishing and marketing success may not be efficient for others. No matter which path you choose, publishing your book can either be rewarding and equally complex. Deciding what way has increasingly become more complicated along with publishing’s advantages and disadvantages. Some authors are lucky enough to undergo one way while others’ decisions are influenced with the plus and flaws in book publishing.

Yet what you can only give in the business is yourself. Keep on writing; and weigh well your options. There might be risks but at the end of the day, they can help you decide which publishing way to take so as to succeed.


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