Fundamental Rules to gain Success in Self-Publishing

Fact says that in 2012 alone, the number of self-published authors earning more than a million in their books gradually increased. This rapid success shows that more self-published authors are seeing incredible sensation in self-publishing. Let’s discuss what essential rules that winning self-published authors take to hit success in self-publishing ground.

The Attitude

Successful self-published author would first find triumph in himself as a person before pursuing something else. First question should an author ask himself is whether he has the mindset of writing, publishing, and marketing his book. Because you, as an author need to be the project manager in self-publishing your book, there is a need to have a business mindset. You may need to think about hiring professional editors, layout artists, and cover designers in the process. Further, you need to understand the deal with self-publishing and book marketing business so that you can step-up and take that huge responsibility of being independent book publisher.


When your mind is set and you know what you want to do; then start doing it. Without a book, there is no where to start in getting yourself involved in the publishing industry. Start jotting down your words and ideas and make it your outshined masterpiece.

This is the time you may need to look at your life and find out the way your personality, hobbies, and career will help you in the process. Your own astuteness learned in life always comes first; then your reliable researching skills follow. Look forward to create something that has worth to be talked about and use your expertise in such genre.

Get out of the standard way

You believe you are a good writer but not all people know who you are. You need to self-publish your book. That’s the main reason why there is such thing called publishing and marketing a book. This is the right beginning of getting exposure of your book to the readers; so make the best out of it.
Get out of the customary way and start self-publishing your book. Today, every author has all the options to stand out among the others by going outside the box of traditional publishing. Self-publishing a book has often been considered more rapid option nowadays. Once you’ve done writing your book; you need not to contact publishing houses that cater the specific genre of your book anymore. You can pretty much just go ahead and publish it at will, without having to go through the process of waiting for publishing houses to decide whether or not your book has equaled their standards. You may take advantage of professional skills offered worldwide by publishers such as BookWhirl.

Hire Professionals

A book is said to be self-published when you decide to become a publisher of your own book; or take the option to hire a self-publishing company, and pay them for publishing and sometimes do the marketing of your book.

As mentioned earlier, you may need to think about hiring professional editors, layout artists, and cover designers in the process because that’s how the business of self-publishing goes. If you believe you have what it takes to be a successful book self-publisher, you would not need a second thought of taking the risks and the challenges in the business. With the augment of self-publishing, authors have become more powerful than ever before; making all publishers, agents and professional layout artists and designers scuttling to figure out what do authors need in every step they take.

There are several self-publishing companies that you can partner with; and that include BookWhirl. With its professional publishing and marketing services offered, it is simpler for you to reach your desired audience. While it is true that hundreds of publishers are offering self-publishing services; at the end of the day, it is essential that you choose a reputable one. Pick something like BookWhirl that helps and guides the writer in all angles, from writing, publishing, up to marketing his book.
When you have the mindset of becoming successful in self-publishing your book; start stepping up through these significant rules that bring you towards where you dream to be found.


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