Finding My Invincible Summer A Book by Muriel Vasconcellos


Finding My Invincible Summer

Finding My Invincible Summer

Muriel Vasconcellos shares how terribly sad news can eventually become positive and inspiring in her touching memoir, Finding My Invincible Summer.

Witness how her prognosis of six months to live becomes catalyst for discovering the secrets of being truly, joyfully alive.

She recounts her tumultuous life that included tragedy, betrayal, and corrosive guilt, and her finding love and happiness, only to be stricken with breast cancer. She thought she won that battle, but life takes another challenging turn with the wrenching loss of her soul mate and, soon afterwards, another cancer diagnosis.

Unremitting pain, physical and psychological, sends her to the depth of despair. Rather than giving up, she embarks on a courageous quest for health that includes not only her body, but also her psyche and spirit. Follow her as she discovers that all aspects of her being are woven into one tapestry. Feel the soothing calmness, joy and serenity that abide in the deep recesses of her soul as you join her in Finding My Invincible Summer.

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You can purchase a copy of Finding My Invincible Summer from these online bookstores:

Balboa Press


Barnes and Noble


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