The Innovation Solution by Praveen Gupta

The Innovation Solution

The Innovation Solution is a The Innovation Solutiongroundbreaking book that not only gives the reader an excellent understanding of innovation methods and tools for practical application in starting a business or creating new profitable products or services at work. It demonstrates that innovation skills can be taught and learned for innovating quickly, predictably, and profitably in order to sustain a company’s profitable growth.

The Innovation Solution book presents the author’s Breakthrough Innovation (Brinnovation™) framework, consisting of the Rule of Two, a powerful TEDOC methodology (Target, Explore, Develop, Optimize, and Commercialize), Return on Innovation, his curriculum for teaching innovation, and much more. The Innovation Solution book is a life-altering guide for everyone, an executive or employee, in an organization to learn and practice innovation, and contribute to profit and growth.

After reading The Innovation Solution, the reader will gain knowledge and tools to believe in ones potential to innovate, and be inspired to start and sustain innovation practices for personal and professional growth.

About Praveen Gupta

Praveen Gupta, President of Accelper, has developed thePraveen Gupta Breakthrough Innovation (BRINNOVATION™) framework for accelerating innovation in organizations. Brinnovation™ represents the most comprehensive approach to innovation consisting of the theory of innovation, innovation methodology TEDOC (target, explore, develop, optimize, and commercialize), measures of innovation, and Business Innovation Maturity Model (BIMM) for creating a culture of innovation.

Praveen Gupta is a founding Director of Center for Innovation Science and Applications at IIT School of Applied Technology. He has taught the Business Innovation class at Illinois Institute of Technology, and the Innovation for Engineers class at University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC). He is the founding Editor of International Journal of Innovation Science, and co-editor of Global Innovation Science Handbook.

Praveen is an internationally recognized thought leader in Process Management, Corporate Performance, Six Sigma and Innovation. He worked at Motorola and AT&T Bell Laboratories where he solved product and process problems innovatively. Praveen has consulted with about 100 corporations.


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Agnes Fischer’s Fragile Blood

A timely and stirring novel, based on a true story, about separation in all of its facets. The author gradually embraces the challenges of change, exposing and illustrating the realities of separation as she deals with them in her loving, respectful and bumbling sort of way.

Accompany a woman’s journey through separation as she discovers and reveals what is important in life. This story imparts a refreshing message to those who have faced the challenges of separation or divorce.

Fragile Blood

Fragile Blood

There is life after separation.

There is hope to live and love again.

Share Agnes’ separation in all of its vulnerability and pain, how she gradually embraces it with honesty and integrity, and how she continues on with her “life after separation” in this novel (based on a true story).

Accompany her as she discovers new inner strength, freedom, love and, out of the blue-God. In addition, you will gain insight into the views and feelings of other important characters, Agnes’ ex-husband, children and new lover, all of whom are faced with the challenges of Agnes’ separation.

If you, like Agnes, have been in a relationship where you gave it your best shot, but it still didn’t work out, then don’t give up. Is your heart wearily, incessantly searching for the best path in life? If so, this story is for you. It shows that it IS possible to really live and love again after separation, divorce…if you choose to, if you work with the idea, if you dream it and; you can do it with love, respect and responsibility.

You only have one life, so live!

About Agnes Fischer

Agnes Fischer

Agnes Fischer (pen name) was born in 1963 in Portland, Oregon. She studied and received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Oregon. Choosing to work in a heart centre as a technician before continuing on with graduate school at University of Wisconsin La Crosse, she discovered her interest in nursing and opted for the local nursing program instead, where she received her Associate Degree.

Between 1991 and 2003 she worked in the United States and in Germany as a registered nurse. Since 2008, Agnes Fischer has been working as an English teacher. She lives with her husband and three children in Germany.


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How Does Social Media Affect self-published Authors

Social media is well defined as the means of communications among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in implicit communities and set of connections. Its technologies get on numerous diverse variety such as magazines, the Internet forums, weblogs, and social networks.

social media logos

How does it affect indie authors opting to get into self-publishing?

Getting yourselves involved in self-publishing maybe a multifarious decision as you probably would overlook these numerous connections huge traditional publishing companies have. But it doesn’t mean you can’t continue succeeding in that craft in utmost effective and less costly ways. Why? Because the Internet is free and it is considered one of the most extreme resources aspiring writers and great novelists can take advantage. Self-published authors can use the social media through the Internet to promote their books, connect with the other authors, and connect with their fans and potential readers.

One of the best marketing gears made available for authors to use so easily in their book promotion is the Social media. Advertising through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites is considered a digital version of the “word of mouth” promotion for yourself and for your book.

It showcases your knowledge

When other people get to know you and your book; they will start to judge you and your work. They might like it or not but the bottom line is—through the social media, you are able to show them what you’ve got and what you’ve known that is wholly summed up in your book.

Reaching out other people about your book is the starting ground of your prospect readers to know more about your craft. Through empowering your creativity, your blog will point up to your readers that you have written about something that they can learn no matter what kind of topics your book talks about. From there, they will start to realize your expertise on that subject matter you are trying to lay out before them and you will gain respect from what you have actually known to talk about.

It builds relationships with your readers

Adding up your personal experience while promoting the book online is proven effective to increase the readers’ interest to read on. It takes time though but social media can build trust and authority between you and your readers. While you are managing to effectively engage yourself with them, they will start to realize that they are getting quality content from what you’ve written and this can lead them to be the prospect buyers of your book.

Authors do need a specific place to meet the readers and their prospected buyers of their books. Most of the readers today are meeting online to inquire and connect with other book lovers and authors. When this happens, relationship between you, as a book author, and the reading public heightens.

It Increases your popularity

Advertising through different websites that have thousands of registered users and followers is a way for your popularity to boost. Facebook for instance has an average of 1.15 billion active users as of June 2013. Statistics shows that 699 million people are using the website every day. You probably cannot estimate how many people will get to see the promotion of your book when you advertise through it but you are sure enough that a certain percentage of this figure will come across your advertisement. It will be a good start for some people to be familiar about you and your book.

Successful book marketing through social media takes time. It may take a few months before you can see good results for your effort. Yet, it is surely a good ground for you to be known in the self-publishing market.

Ways to Publish and Sell your E-book [Infographic]

Ways to Publish and Sell your E-book


To publish an e-book can be challenging yet interesting. To sell an e-book is critical. Though the trend of self-publishing across the world has radically heightened, when readers can’t find that high interest upon looking at your book, there is no way for them to buy it.

Impress your prospect readers

The best way to do it is simply make sure you, yourself, as the author of your e-book is highly impressed by your work. If you are, there is no reason why readers can’t see the spotlight of that story you want to tell them.

Create an impressive cover design

Selling copies of your e-book can be so critical. Your frenzied fans will have all the reasons to either recommend it to their other friends or not. So, make sure that from the cover design of your book, you are giving your best.

First-rate book description

From the cover, readers’ eyes will surely be dragging down to some eye-catching words on it. Write the best description for you book so readers can find no excuses of not adding it up to their cart.

Quality matters to all

This simply refers to a good book and a good book means a well-edited, well-presented, and well-formatted one. So, don’t get tired of re-editing your work because it is only you who can profit in the end.

Fair book pricing

See to it that your book price isn’t so much of pain for the buyers and at the same time, can give you satisfaction to yourself on the kind of manuscript you’ve just done.


The more e-books you can offer to the readers, the more buyers you can tap. Amanda Hocking, author of the best-selling e-book, Trylle trilogy, became a self-publishing multi-millionaire with her teen supernatural thrillers before bagging a$2M publishing contract with St. Martin’s Press. She writes more and keeps on earning millions.

Advertise and use social media

Advertising knows no limit. Today, one of the bests and proven effective way to get your book an exposure before the right audience is through constant advertising. Getting in contact with the prospect readers through social media works well as it’s getting a vast number of users in the world. Statistics says that 80 percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook.

Create platforms

Think as many ways as you can in the name of your book’s exposure. The more spots your books are available, the better. Compete with the other authors and think of ideas you think will surpass their ways. Competition is healthy because it drives you to aim higher.

Open your doors

When there’s a chance for you to sell your books internationally; grab it. You need to experiment things. When one seems not to work out; hop on to better chances such as hiring book sellers whose passion is selling. Don’t hesitate to trust and ask help when most necessary.

Tips and Tricks on Self-publishing Your Book

Not all people are born to pursue the same path in writing. Not all people are destined to become a book author and not all aspiring writers are destined to be successful and best selling novelists. Your book needs to be published, bought and read by the people before you can claim yourself to be a book author or a successful novelist. So first, you need to publish your book before people can recognize you’ve written that manuscript. Today, the entire complex process to make it happen has been abridged in parallel with the world’s high technology. You don’t need a publisher when you can self-publish your book. Nobody is required to approve your time and your effort.

First, focus on your expertise

Every aspiring writer has specific interest. Before thinking about moving forward, make sure what genre your book embraces. Know who your book audience are and see to it that your book catches their attention by their first time looking at it. Impress the readers with what you actually know and what you can share to them.

Impress yourself

You as an author, have all the right to judge your book before others can. Judge your book first by its cover. When you are not satisfied with the design of your book’s cover, try one more time and even several times until you will be satisfied. When you are content with the outcome of the design, there is no reason why others might not be feeling the same.

Know NO Stipulations

You can go on and start self-publishing your book with no required approval from huge publishing houses. You simply do it by yourself and continue until you reach the highest peak of your self-publishing. How does it work without the aid of these gigantic companies which used to be contacted by aspiring writers and given proposals for possible publication of their works?

Scale yourself. When you think you can do everything such as editing your work over and over again; then you can just do it and save that money you can pay for a professional editor. You are the boss in this new trend in the world of literature; so you’ve got the power to manage the way you want your self-publishing go.

Be professional

Imagine yourself receiving criticisms from the readers about your book. Surely you can’t impress everybody but if all of them are complaining about the same problems of misspelled words and grammar issues; then the problem really exists. Make sure your book is well-edited and the flow of the content is smooth so readers won’t be misled.

Price your book as low as possible

Especially when you are just a new author and are self-publishing, people do not want to spend much of their money on your book. You need to do the experiment first by setting a very low price for your book and from there you will know if they have the sympathy for the genre you are trying to lay emphasis on. When you are sure you’ve done all the professional works necessary to perfect your book; there is no reason they won’t be impressed by it and that’s the beginning of your name to be established. In that case, you can start setting price for your next books that is reasonable for both of the readers and you.

Adventures on Promise Island by Ruth Esther Vawter

Adventures on Promise Island

Adventures on Promise Island

Step into Promise Island, the last hope of healing for four troubled teens plagued by anger, rebellion, rejection, and trauma. Join them as they experience a chance of a lifetime.

Meet Miguel, a gang leader who comes to the island handcuffed to his parole officer; Tobi, the rich kid who has bullied people all his life; Ya Ming, who hates God because she has been traumatized by a car accident that killed her beloved brother and left her paralyzed and unable to achieve her dancing dreams; and Keerstin, a devoted Christian teen, storyteller, and artist,
who feels rejected because she cannot read.

Each teen is assigned a Promise Team Mentor who has already overcome their own relatable obstacles to steer them in the right adventure. But it seems that their rebellion, fear, anger, danger, and unworthiness tend to prevent them from achieving a positive outlook on life.

See how each teen achieves different levels of physical and emotional healing as they encounter adventures in the different island states of Love, Obedience, Faith, and Knowledge. Join them as they encounter closer relationships with the Trinity in the Sea of Tranquility, Patience Lake, Shadow Valley, Commitment Forest, Forgotten Desert, Endurance River, and Look Out Point on Truth Mountain and experience your own personal healing.

Ruth Esther Vawter

Ruth Esther Vawter
Ruth Esther has been writing devotions for 30 years for her friends, family, and church. She began writing when she read through the Bible in a year in 1980. Applications of Biblical stories were easily applied to her daily living. Ruth Esther hosted a radio program titled Prayer Techniques to Spice Up Your Life in 1985. Ms. Vawter was co-founder, editor, and columnist for the Christian Informer Newspaper in Indianapolis from 1987-1989. Ruth Esther retired from the Indianapolis Public Schools, teaching first through sixth grades. Ms. Vawter loves her two daughters, their spouses, and five grandchildren.

The idea for writing Adventures on Promise Island was inspired in 1982, with the concepts and outline of the map of the island. When she shared the idea with her mother, who ministered in the gift of healing, her mother could not understand why she would want to write a book. Her mother was the strongest Christian she knew, but only achieved an eighth grade education. The story was a continuing column in The Christian Informer Newspaper. Afterwards, she was paralyzed to go further with the story because she kept hearing her mother’s words: “Why would you want to write a book?”

Know more about Ruth Esther Vawter in here website found here:

Adventures on Promise Island sequel

Currently, Ruth Esther is writing the sequel to Adventures on Promise Island entitled Return to Promise Island. The four teens: Miguel, Tobi, Ya Ming, and Keerstin, return to Promise Island after six months. Follow her blog to suggest how the teens were able to function in their environments after their adventures on Promise Island.
* Was Miguel able to leave the gang alive or become deeper involved?
* Did Tobi stop being the school bully?
* Was Ya Ming able to walk again?
* Did Keerstin learn to read?
* Four new teens will have experiences on the island. Ruth Esther is requesting suggestions on teens with problems and adventures they could encounter to overcome these issues in their lives.
* What are the common teen difficulties, on your heart, which need to be addressed? Share them so more teens will receive help through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the love of Jesus Christ.

But the Adventures on Promise Island now at the following online stores: AMAZON, Barnes and Noble, WinePress Books (Paperback) and WinePress Books (eBook)