Adventures on Promise Island by Ruth Esther Vawter

Adventures on Promise Island

Adventures on Promise Island

Step into Promise Island, the last hope of healing for four troubled teens plagued by anger, rebellion, rejection, and trauma. Join them as they experience a chance of a lifetime.

Meet Miguel, a gang leader who comes to the island handcuffed to his parole officer; Tobi, the rich kid who has bullied people all his life; Ya Ming, who hates God because she has been traumatized by a car accident that killed her beloved brother and left her paralyzed and unable to achieve her dancing dreams; and Keerstin, a devoted Christian teen, storyteller, and artist,
who feels rejected because she cannot read.

Each teen is assigned a Promise Team Mentor who has already overcome their own relatable obstacles to steer them in the right adventure. But it seems that their rebellion, fear, anger, danger, and unworthiness tend to prevent them from achieving a positive outlook on life.

See how each teen achieves different levels of physical and emotional healing as they encounter adventures in the different island states of Love, Obedience, Faith, and Knowledge. Join them as they encounter closer relationships with the Trinity in the Sea of Tranquility, Patience Lake, Shadow Valley, Commitment Forest, Forgotten Desert, Endurance River, and Look Out Point on Truth Mountain and experience your own personal healing.

Ruth Esther Vawter

Ruth Esther Vawter
Ruth Esther has been writing devotions for 30 years for her friends, family, and church. She began writing when she read through the Bible in a year in 1980. Applications of Biblical stories were easily applied to her daily living. Ruth Esther hosted a radio program titled Prayer Techniques to Spice Up Your Life in 1985. Ms. Vawter was co-founder, editor, and columnist for the Christian Informer Newspaper in Indianapolis from 1987-1989. Ruth Esther retired from the Indianapolis Public Schools, teaching first through sixth grades. Ms. Vawter loves her two daughters, their spouses, and five grandchildren.

The idea for writing Adventures on Promise Island was inspired in 1982, with the concepts and outline of the map of the island. When she shared the idea with her mother, who ministered in the gift of healing, her mother could not understand why she would want to write a book. Her mother was the strongest Christian she knew, but only achieved an eighth grade education. The story was a continuing column in The Christian Informer Newspaper. Afterwards, she was paralyzed to go further with the story because she kept hearing her mother’s words: “Why would you want to write a book?”

Know more about Ruth Esther Vawter in here website found here:

Adventures on Promise Island sequel

Currently, Ruth Esther is writing the sequel to Adventures on Promise Island entitled Return to Promise Island. The four teens: Miguel, Tobi, Ya Ming, and Keerstin, return to Promise Island after six months. Follow her blog to suggest how the teens were able to function in their environments after their adventures on Promise Island.
* Was Miguel able to leave the gang alive or become deeper involved?
* Did Tobi stop being the school bully?
* Was Ya Ming able to walk again?
* Did Keerstin learn to read?
* Four new teens will have experiences on the island. Ruth Esther is requesting suggestions on teens with problems and adventures they could encounter to overcome these issues in their lives.
* What are the common teen difficulties, on your heart, which need to be addressed? Share them so more teens will receive help through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the love of Jesus Christ.

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