BookWhirl Commences the Year’s Third Quarter with a New Campaign Service


Summary: Bookwhirl Publishing begins the 3rd quarter of 2013 with the launching of the company’s Library E-Campaign Service through Library Journal.

GREEN BAY, WI (8/2/2013) — Amidst the high competition among self-published authors and busy days of in catering every writer’s publishing needs; the self-publishing company has partnered with one of the most highly valued publications in the world: the Library Journal. This move has led the firm to come up with a distinctive book marketing service that surely enables the book and its author to be heard by the very significant people in the literary world.

Library Journal is known for its effective customization of a focused and strategic marketing package so as to fulfill authors with advertising satisfaction. Thus, advertising through the Library Journal (LJ) can easily get interest among the readers, book experts, librarians, book sellers, and other most important people in the publishing industry.

Opting for Bookwhirl’s Library E-Campaign Service is being able to experience advertising at Library Journal with your book banner that targets up to 10,000 impressions and bolder space for your book’s e-mailer to be posted on LJ’s website. This campaign has different service levels in accordance to what an author specifically needs for his book promotion including the Library E-Campaign Starter, Library E-Campaign Basic, Library E-Campaign Standard, and Library E-Campaign Deluxe. This campaign has also highlighted the Library E-Campaign Premium wherein an author gets to have an extra advantage on top of the basic promotional ads exposed on the Library Journal’s website.

Learn more about the newly launched service by visiting Library E-Campaign Service page.


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