Tips and Tricks on Self-publishing Your Book

Not all people are born to pursue the same path in writing. Not all people are destined to become a book author and not all aspiring writers are destined to be successful and best selling novelists. Your book needs to be published, bought and read by the people before you can claim yourself to be a book author or a successful novelist. So first, you need to publish your book before people can recognize you’ve written that manuscript. Today, the entire complex process to make it happen has been abridged in parallel with the world’s high technology. You don’t need a publisher when you can self-publish your book. Nobody is required to approve your time and your effort.

First, focus on your expertise

Every aspiring writer has specific interest. Before thinking about moving forward, make sure what genre your book embraces. Know who your book audience are and see to it that your book catches their attention by their first time looking at it. Impress the readers with what you actually know and what you can share to them.

Impress yourself

You as an author, have all the right to judge your book before others can. Judge your book first by its cover. When you are not satisfied with the design of your book’s cover, try one more time and even several times until you will be satisfied. When you are content with the outcome of the design, there is no reason why others might not be feeling the same.

Know NO Stipulations

You can go on and start self-publishing your book with no required approval from huge publishing houses. You simply do it by yourself and continue until you reach the highest peak of your self-publishing. How does it work without the aid of these gigantic companies which used to be contacted by aspiring writers and given proposals for possible publication of their works?

Scale yourself. When you think you can do everything such as editing your work over and over again; then you can just do it and save that money you can pay for a professional editor. You are the boss in this new trend in the world of literature; so you’ve got the power to manage the way you want your self-publishing go.

Be professional

Imagine yourself receiving criticisms from the readers about your book. Surely you can’t impress everybody but if all of them are complaining about the same problems of misspelled words and grammar issues; then the problem really exists. Make sure your book is well-edited and the flow of the content is smooth so readers won’t be misled.

Price your book as low as possible

Especially when you are just a new author and are self-publishing, people do not want to spend much of their money on your book. You need to do the experiment first by setting a very low price for your book and from there you will know if they have the sympathy for the genre you are trying to lay emphasis on. When you are sure you’ve done all the professional works necessary to perfect your book; there is no reason they won’t be impressed by it and that’s the beginning of your name to be established. In that case, you can start setting price for your next books that is reasonable for both of the readers and you.


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