Agnes Fischer’s Fragile Blood

A timely and stirring novel, based on a true story, about separation in all of its facets. The author gradually embraces the challenges of change, exposing and illustrating the realities of separation as she deals with them in her loving, respectful and bumbling sort of way.

Accompany a woman’s journey through separation as she discovers and reveals what is important in life. This story imparts a refreshing message to those who have faced the challenges of separation or divorce.

Fragile Blood

Fragile Blood

There is life after separation.

There is hope to live and love again.

Share Agnes’ separation in all of its vulnerability and pain, how she gradually embraces it with honesty and integrity, and how she continues on with her “life after separation” in this novel (based on a true story).

Accompany her as she discovers new inner strength, freedom, love and, out of the blue-God. In addition, you will gain insight into the views and feelings of other important characters, Agnes’ ex-husband, children and new lover, all of whom are faced with the challenges of Agnes’ separation.

If you, like Agnes, have been in a relationship where you gave it your best shot, but it still didn’t work out, then don’t give up. Is your heart wearily, incessantly searching for the best path in life? If so, this story is for you. It shows that it IS possible to really live and love again after separation, divorce…if you choose to, if you work with the idea, if you dream it and; you can do it with love, respect and responsibility.

You only have one life, so live!

About Agnes Fischer

Agnes Fischer

Agnes Fischer (pen name) was born in 1963 in Portland, Oregon. She studied and received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Oregon. Choosing to work in a heart centre as a technician before continuing on with graduate school at University of Wisconsin La Crosse, she discovered her interest in nursing and opted for the local nursing program instead, where she received her Associate Degree.

Between 1991 and 2003 she worked in the United States and in Germany as a registered nurse. Since 2008, Agnes Fischer has been working as an English teacher. She lives with her husband and three children in Germany.


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