How Does Social Media Affect self-published Authors

Social media is well defined as the means of communications among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in implicit communities and set of connections. Its technologies get on numerous diverse variety such as magazines, the Internet forums, weblogs, and social networks.

social media logos

How does it affect indie authors opting to get into self-publishing?

Getting yourselves involved in self-publishing maybe a multifarious decision as you probably would overlook these numerous connections huge traditional publishing companies have. But it doesn’t mean you can’t continue succeeding in that craft in utmost effective and less costly ways. Why? Because the Internet is free and it is considered one of the most extreme resources aspiring writers and great novelists can take advantage. Self-published authors can use the social media through the Internet to promote their books, connect with the other authors, and connect with their fans and potential readers.

One of the best marketing gears made available for authors to use so easily in their book promotion is the Social media. Advertising through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites is considered a digital version of the “word of mouth” promotion for yourself and for your book.

It showcases your knowledge

When other people get to know you and your book; they will start to judge you and your work. They might like it or not but the bottom line is—through the social media, you are able to show them what you’ve got and what you’ve known that is wholly summed up in your book.

Reaching out other people about your book is the starting ground of your prospect readers to know more about your craft. Through empowering your creativity, your blog will point up to your readers that you have written about something that they can learn no matter what kind of topics your book talks about. From there, they will start to realize your expertise on that subject matter you are trying to lay out before them and you will gain respect from what you have actually known to talk about.

It builds relationships with your readers

Adding up your personal experience while promoting the book online is proven effective to increase the readers’ interest to read on. It takes time though but social media can build trust and authority between you and your readers. While you are managing to effectively engage yourself with them, they will start to realize that they are getting quality content from what you’ve written and this can lead them to be the prospect buyers of your book.

Authors do need a specific place to meet the readers and their prospected buyers of their books. Most of the readers today are meeting online to inquire and connect with other book lovers and authors. When this happens, relationship between you, as a book author, and the reading public heightens.

It Increases your popularity

Advertising through different websites that have thousands of registered users and followers is a way for your popularity to boost. Facebook for instance has an average of 1.15 billion active users as of June 2013. Statistics shows that 699 million people are using the website every day. You probably cannot estimate how many people will get to see the promotion of your book when you advertise through it but you are sure enough that a certain percentage of this figure will come across your advertisement. It will be a good start for some people to be familiar about you and your book.

Successful book marketing through social media takes time. It may take a few months before you can see good results for your effort. Yet, it is surely a good ground for you to be known in the self-publishing market.


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