The Innovation Solution by Praveen Gupta

The Innovation Solution

The Innovation Solution is a The Innovation Solutiongroundbreaking book that not only gives the reader an excellent understanding of innovation methods and tools for practical application in starting a business or creating new profitable products or services at work. It demonstrates that innovation skills can be taught and learned for innovating quickly, predictably, and profitably in order to sustain a company’s profitable growth.

The Innovation Solution book presents the author’s Breakthrough Innovation (Brinnovation™) framework, consisting of the Rule of Two, a powerful TEDOC methodology (Target, Explore, Develop, Optimize, and Commercialize), Return on Innovation, his curriculum for teaching innovation, and much more. The Innovation Solution book is a life-altering guide for everyone, an executive or employee, in an organization to learn and practice innovation, and contribute to profit and growth.

After reading The Innovation Solution, the reader will gain knowledge and tools to believe in ones potential to innovate, and be inspired to start and sustain innovation practices for personal and professional growth.

About Praveen Gupta

Praveen Gupta, President of Accelper, has developed thePraveen Gupta Breakthrough Innovation (BRINNOVATION™) framework for accelerating innovation in organizations. Brinnovation™ represents the most comprehensive approach to innovation consisting of the theory of innovation, innovation methodology TEDOC (target, explore, develop, optimize, and commercialize), measures of innovation, and Business Innovation Maturity Model (BIMM) for creating a culture of innovation.

Praveen Gupta is a founding Director of Center for Innovation Science and Applications at IIT School of Applied Technology. He has taught the Business Innovation class at Illinois Institute of Technology, and the Innovation for Engineers class at University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC). He is the founding Editor of International Journal of Innovation Science, and co-editor of Global Innovation Science Handbook.

Praveen is an internationally recognized thought leader in Process Management, Corporate Performance, Six Sigma and Innovation. He worked at Motorola and AT&T Bell Laboratories where he solved product and process problems innovatively. Praveen has consulted with about 100 corporations.


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