Top 10 Self-Published Book Genre Sold

Top 10 Self-Published Book Genre Sold

Statistic shows that 48% of those who are buying at least one fiction book in a year are purchasing mystery, thriller, or crime genre of books. At 200 Million books sold, the known thriller fiction writer, Dan Brown is considered one of the highest selling authors of all time. But today, let’s scrutinize the top 10 genres of both fiction and non-fiction self-published books that are warmly embraced by the readers.


According to Janet Grischy of, romance genre of fiction has accounted more than half of the total sales of self-published books. Beginning the year 2012 up to now, the Romance genre of self-published books has become in demand by the reading public. E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Trilogy has sold over 70 million copies all over the world. The Bet, another romance-gender self-published book by Rachel Van Dyken has sold some 85,000 eBook copies in the U.S. and UK in just 10 days.


Though considered as a broad genre of literature, thriller genre of a book provides sudden rush of emotions and excitement driving the readers’ enthusiasm. Romantic-thriller Killing Sarai makes author J.A. Redmerski to stay in place as one of the top-sellers of the USA Today and the New York Times.

Mystery and Paranormal
The genre of mystery and paranormal novels is a young form of literacy yet has gradually gained high interest among the new generation of e-book readers. Amazon has enlisted Brothers and Bones by James Hankins among the top-selling mystery and paranormal self-published books as of 2013 and highly regarded best-selling mystery-themed book as of June 2013 at Mediabistro’s website.


According to agent Jeff Herman, action-adventure book genre speaks about “premise and scenario trajectory. Just how romance novel is appreciated by many, this genre gains the same interest as it is considered male equivalent of a romance novel. The Hunger Games, an action-adventure themed self-published book by Suzanne Collins is on top of what has considered best-selling on its genre.


This genre of fiction commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena that makes so interesting especially with the children. Magic Bites: A Special Edition of the First Kate Daniels Novel by Ilona Andrews tops the list of self-published fantasy books as of 2013 on Amazon.


Horror fiction is a genre of literature, which intends to offer its readers scary and terror feelings while creates a creepy and frightening atmosphere. Even with the price of 14.95 USD, horror-themed book, Relic by Douglas Preston is among the top 10 best-selling self-published books of this genre.

Science Fiction

It shows that 26% of readers are buying Science Fiction books. As of the third quarter of 2013, the science-fiction self-published book, CyberStorm by Matthew Mather has topped the list of best-selling books of its genre as disclosed at The book is also labeled as “best of the month” by Amazon.


Reportedly, the biggest selling book genre for non-fiction is history with the percentage of 31% in the reading market. Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan is best-selling on its genre as published in New York Times and makes the author so popular worldwide.


Biography genres of self-published books have also become popular in the reading public with its 29% sales. Walter Isaacson nabbed the top spot on Amazon’s list of best-selling titles this year, with his biography book, Steve Jobs.

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