Print vs. Digital: Advantages and Disadvantages

Print vs Digital: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Print

Printed books revolutionized the world nearly 600 years ago and since then, they have influenced every part of the world specifically in cultures, science, inventions, imaginative thoughts and every person’s intellect through these materials’ power to share ideas and information.

Choosing print copy of a book is opting for prolonged existence and tangibility. It has the ability to be seen forever in the shelves with your other books.

The fact that print books are professionally printed and bound in the standard 8.5”x5.5 easy-to-hold book format, for the devoted print book readers, these books are much easier to read compared with those electronic forms.

It’s for everyone
Even the non-computer literate readers and members of the family will find no worries when they want to read. They can always opt for print books.

Printed books can help you understand more easily. Readers reading printed book can put mark and can take notes so that they can easily understand what the writer wants to say.

No batteries needed
What you only need is your print book and you can start enjoying whatever the book has to offer you. Print books don’t require you to charge the battery of your device so you can start gaining the information and benefits they offer.

No need for an e-reading device
Of course you need an electronic device for you to read an e-book. With print books, you don’t need it. If you find yourself stuck in a place and want to read but you can’t download a new title through your device, you can just drop by the nearest bookstore and buy the book that interests you.

Reading print books is to keep the traditional zone—the comforting smell of paper or the weight of a good book. However, if you are a fast reader and want to read more books, you might need more space in your shelf. And when you are travelling, you can’t bring the whole shelf with you. Print books are printed the standard way so when they are at your hand, there is nothing that you can adjust for your convenience, such as the fonts’ color and sizes.

It turns out that e-books have these certain advantages.

Some years earlier, Bob Brown has come up with the idea of the e-reader through his book, The Readers. But it was in 2010 that e-books boomed and continued to gain sales along with the increasing volume of e-book readers. Some authors who were rejected by publishers have started to offer their works online so that they can be heard and be seen by the reading public despite their failures with the traditional publishing.

In a recent survey of 300 American readers, 80% of the respondents have claimed that they need to own an electronic reader for convenience. For instance, if you are a traveler and at the same time a book lover, e-books allow you to bring a whole library with you anywhere.

No limit on storage
If you own a lot of books, you tend to have limits on the number of books you want to store in your shelf. With e-books, you can read as many books as you because you can save a lot of storage space on your device. You can even have backup online if something happens to your books unexpectedly.

Because there are no printing fees associated with e-books, they seem to be often cheaper compared with the print books. In fact, you can find and read free e-books in the Internet.

The moment you decide to read an e-book, the fun begins and it is quicker than waiting for your ordered print book to arrive at your doorstep.

You can adjust the fonts
Your reading materials can have too small fonts for you to be able to enjoy your reading moment. With an e-book, you can instantly adjust the fonts’ size, or change their darkness so that they will be so clear on your end.

Print copies of books do not fade despite this challenging matter with electronic books. They remain to be playing a vital role in the way people experience books despite the continuous increase of online popularity. In a recent survey of the 300 American readers, around 60% of them have shown the same interests of buying both e-books and print books in the last 12 months up to the present.

Both forms of books have many advantages and choosing which a better option is depends only on you. You may find convenience using the technology or to continue experience the comfort of traditional reading zone. However you decide, it is a matter of your own convenience. What is important is to know that despite a lot of changes in the market, there is nothing that has changed the peoples’ interest to read.


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