Whisper of the Flame A Book of Rev. Kemi Nahal

It’s time to hear the Whisper of the Flame. Let Rev. Kemi Nahal open the door for you to discover once again the illuminating inner flame that shines ceaselessly within your heart and soul. Find your infinite connection to the source of your existence – your Creator, God the Almighty.

How? By embarking on this magical inner journey deep within the core of your being… There is an enchanted place there that’s waiting to be explored.

Based on the author’s personally experienced countless spiritual events and conversations with the Flame, this book hopes to enhance and help readers become aware of and reconnect to their Essence Life. As we walk our Sacred Journey on this Earthly Plan, we must keep in mind that this journey is not just on the physical level, it is an Inner Journey, unseen, yet can be seen and reached, and be fully connected with, where indeed, it exits on the higher realms and the higher dimensions. It is ‘Only A Whisper Away’… for us, to the true meaning of our life – To become aware of God’s omnipresence and consciously Live with God.

Rev. Kemi Nahal

Rev. Kemi Nahal

Rev. Kemi Nahal was born and raised in Israel. She started to play the Classics Piano from the Age of 4, and studied Classic Piano for 12 years at the ‘SHOR’ music school. When she became a teenager, she started to study Jazz piano with Professor Ztvi Karen in Tel Aviv and 5 years with Pisi Osherovitz. She also underwent Vocal Training for over 10 years with a great Opera Tenor Mr. Antonio Cohanov and a much known Soprano Singer who sang with Placido Domingo– Mrs. Judith Taylor Alexandrovitz.

When she graduated from the Academy of Music, she produced and released her original 11 music CD and in the midst of recording her 3 new CDS and about to release her 2 new books with A Rose and The Bridge of Light.

She lives in New York and performs her spiritual works. All her service works are dedicated to God and every time she writes; she asks HIM to be that voice that carry her on and write her words. Her desire to help, heal, and open the hearts of the people for them to breathe God in themselves is her inspiration to have been able to write her spiritual books, especially with her Whisper of the Flame.


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