Book Marketing Ideas You Should Apply

Book Marketing Ideas You Should Apply

Writing a book and being one of the famous authors in the world do not only happen because you’ve accomplished and published your craft. It happens because people get to know you and your work and that brings you to that fame. Therefore, to simply write a book is not enough because in order to get that name in the literary world and be popular would mean that your book or books should in return, give you that prize you deserve. These are in the forms of book sales and profits, which are acquirable only when you take the risks and do whatever it takes to attain that goal.

Book marketing is simply an absolute and a must for you to get out of your way and to slowly grab and gain these profits. Though authors have different book marketing ideas, there are strategies that are commonly seen and done by top-selling authors of today.

Advertise your book

You need not to just sit there and wait for the results because it is essential that you do your own way to sell your books. It doesn’t matter how. So long as you know you are featuring your books in all activities in your life. Perhaps, you can talk about your book in local forums in your community or you can write a blog about your book online—that is still advertisement without necessarily hurting your pocket.

Use the Internet

I agree with the fact that authors, especially self-published authors, find it challenging to understand the kind of marketing effort that can surely fit their books. But the Internet has created an environment in which everyone can compete on a much more level playing field. Just be savvy on how to gain the readers’ interest and study the different skills that can be useful online because your prospect buyers might just be there, waiting.

Build your platform

You can build your platform even when you start the advertising campaigns for your books. In most cases, you can do it using the social media because you can be sure that through making some noise in these sites can gain attention from their thousands and even millions of visitors and viewers.

Reach out to your readers

Know who and where are your interested followers. Among the proven effective ways to communicate well with your readers so as to know their needs is to build a mailing list. This enables your readers to be informed of your new blog posts, book signings, and all other activities you plan to do. According to Lori Culwell, founder of, it is important that you, as author would develop an audience of people who like your writing to boost book sales even on the first day you are selling your book. In most cases, the word-of-mouth promotion from the readers and buyers follow.

Communicate with your fans

It is also a way of saying you are reaching out to your readers but to make it more personal is proven effective book marketing idea. Never ignore your fans or readers who write comments on your blogs or advertisements online because they can be your future purchasers. In a recent online survey of 141 people about what and why they buy books, 78% of the respondents said they buy self-published books and 42% of those who buy self-published books have claimed that they buy the books because they know the author and/or illustrator and so, they want to express full support. So, appreciate every reader/fan’s comments and their ideas by saying thank you through a personal e-mail.

Get influence from popular authors

There are these popular names such as James Patterson whose book earned $91 million between June 2012 and June 2013, Suzanne Collins, whose book, “The Hunger Games” has put her on the top 3 best-selling authors recognized by Forbes. These authors are just among the many who have earned millions because they have come up with the right book marketing ideas for their books at the right time. Find out more popular names in the market and study their distinctive techniques to acquire the same fame. Examine how these authors reach their fans online and how their books have put them in that place of fame.

Make it a personal commitment

Start committing yourself the moment you just start thinking about writing a book. Know your objectives as to why you plan to write and what makes you so eager to be an author. Doing that can help you create a focus on every single campaign you do for your book—one step after the other. Make sure that every correspondence you make for your readers doesn’t only revolve around the profits you can get from them. It is always important that you build their trust towards you which can lead to a better branding for yourself and your book.


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