Should Authors Try Book Specialty Marketing?

Upon creating a manuscript, every writer anticipates of having one’s work highly requested by the consumers – book’s whereabouts as the main talk of most readers – and of course, seeing oneself counting a hundred, a thousand or a million dollars perhaps. Hence, an individual would surely choose the best strategy in marketing one’s work to make this dream a reality. However, amidst all the efforts and money invested, certain choices don’t work at all. With certain circumstances, should one stop pursuing this dream? Or take risk by trying another carte du jour.

One may try almost all marketing strategies – having one’s book reviewed, setting interviews, trying an all-out publicity, or book trailer services – to expand exposure and pursuade the wide range of audience towards taking a preview of one’s work. After applying these strategies, one would now think of success. Then, wait for weeks, months, even years for the anticipated result, yet end discouraged and depressed for the less expected outcome.

Nonetheless, instead of bringing one’s dream into a halt, why not consider making a thorough scrutiny of how the publishing world sets off? Then, make use of better strategies outsmarting the rest. After all, success is determined through one’s unique approach towards survival.

If popularity and publicity are main keys towards reaching one’s target readers, then one may consider conspiring with a trusted brand – a name with greater influencing ability. Being smart and keen in choosing the perfect place to market one’s work, is what matters after all.

Hence, certain self-publishing companies propose smarter choices an author would consider taking risk for a try. Book specialty marketing, a unique form of marketing approach, offers smarter services one could choose from. Ingram Advance catalog services, as part of this book specialty marketing, offers perfect publicity one desires to attain through their soughed monthly catalog – Ingram Advance Catalog.

Nevertheless, to guarantee success, one should not fully rely on a single strategy towards marketing one’s work. Trying something new – if one has sufficient reliance with such choice –spice up the journey towards success.


15 Inspirational Quotes of Top Self-Published Authors

15 Inspirational Quotes of Top Self-Published Authors

1. “Love isn’t always easy, and something you have to stand together against friends, family, and even your own insecurities to make it work.” -Melody Grace

• Melody Grace, author of the top selling self-published book, Unbroken, has once expressed her deep emotions about her best selling romance-genre books. Her book Unbroken is included among the top paid self-published books at Apple as of September 2013.

2. “Passion is a rare commodity. When you find it, treasure it and never give it up!” -David Baldacci

• When asked what positive or motivational quote he can share to help improve the lives of our readers; that was how David Baldacci, top-selling self-published author, answered. David Baldacci has sold over 60 million books in over 80 countries AND was on People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful list.

3. “I wrote because I wanted to, not because I wanted to get published. I wrote DEMON KISSED for me. I wrote a little bit every night to unwind.” -H.M. Ward

• H.M. Ward’s self-published book, Damaged, is featured among the top 5 best-selling books by Forbes.

4. “A world where true loves kiss does exist.” -Rachel Van Dyken

• Rachel is featured as New York Time’s top selling author for her romantic self-published novels. One of these novels is The Bet which is featured as among the top 5 best-selling self-published books.

5. “Write every day. Writing is a muscle that gets stronger with use.” -Abbi Glines

• Abbi Glines is one of the New York Times best-selling authors. Her self-published book, Twisted Perfection, is currently featured at Forbes as among the top 5 best-selling books.

6. “Behind every beautiful thing is a world of pain.” -Ilsa Madden-Mills

• Her new self-published adult novel, Very Bad Things, has topped on best-sellers list at as of the 3rd week of September 2013.

7. “Never give up. I had so many editors (e and print) that I just couldn’t write. So, remember it is all their opinion and nothing else.” -Melissa Schroder

• This author has straightforwardly answered the question on what advice she can give to aspiring writers. Melissa Schroder has been named Author of the Year and Most Accessible Author in the 2013 Bookies. Her self-published book, The Santinis Collection, is listed as among the top seller books at Amazon as of the 3rd week of September 2013.

8. “To have a good friend, you must BE a good friend. It’s as simple as that. Encourage your daughters to nurture their friendships and you will be taking one small step towards connecting girls and inspiring futures.” -Patricia Sands talks about Girlfriendology

• Patricia Sands is a very gracious, inspiring and motivated speaker. On top of that, she has self-published her book, The Promise of Provence, which has been listed as among the high paid books at Amazon in September 2013.

9. “I think my style is different… and I think the way I tell a story is different, but ’50 Shades of Grey’ by E L James had a mighty influence inspiring me.” -Sara Fawkes

Author Sara Fawkes has admitted she’s got a lot to read more authors and get inspired with their stories. Her self-published book, Anything He Wants, has paid her back the prize of all her efforts as it has become one of the highly paid books at Barnes & Noble as of September this year.

10. “Yes, one of the benefits of being embarrassingly rich is that you find out if you have syphilis much earlier than the average peasant would.” -Abigail Barnette

• This is a popular quote from Abigail Barnette’s book, The Boss. The author enjoys long naps in fairy-filled glades, running through corridors in tragically romantic haunted castles. Her book, The Girlfriend has become no. 1 on the top-selling list of self-published books at Smarshwords.

11. “I like to weave the places I have been to in my books and make it come alive.” -Pamela Ann

• Pamela Ann is a New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author. And though she studied Fashion Marketing in United Kingdom and a degree in Business, she has found herself the satisfaction with the steamy and angst-filled romance novels. Her self-published book, Chasing Paradise, has put her on that success in writing as it is featured one of the top-selling novels at Smashwords.

12. “Life is busy and I find the best way to escape the day to day stresses is through the pages of a book. Reading is my passion, addiction, and all out obsession.” –Gail Mchugh

• Gail Mchugh considers herself a hopeless romantic who believes whole heartedly in the power of love and a happy ending. She is able to put her beliefs into action by writing successful novels, where Pulse, is self-published and put her on that fame being on the list of top-selling authors in the beginning of this year’s 3rd quarter.

13. “Manhood is linked with family priesthood, responsibility, sacrifice and respect for women. But Biblical manhood is equally about owning up to one’s hurts, needs, failures and fears.” -Richard Campbell

• Campbell is a personal growth and life enrichment seminar presenter, who engages a variety of audiences. His self-published book, The Strength of Male Tears, is on the list of best-selling books at Outskirts as of the 3rd quarter of this year.

14. “Men aren’t really complicated. They are very simple, literal creatures. They usually mean what they say. And we spend hours trying to analyze what they’ve said, when really it’s obvious.” -E.L. James

• As of the 3rd quarter of 2013, E.L. James’ top-selling book Fifty Shades of Grey has earned $95 million.

15. “Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling five balls. The balls are called work, family, health, friends, and integrity. And you’re keeping all of them in the air. But one day you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other four balls…are made of glass. If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered.” –James Patterson.

• Digital Book World has recently announced its own list of top 25 best-selling e-books where James Patterson’s self-published book, Alex Cross, Run, has ranked on top.

Book Publishing and Marketing Services: Is Your Book Complete?

Do you think your book is ready to make profits in self-Publishing? Think once again. You could have missed the most significant factors that would lead you to the path towards self-publishing success.

The content always matters

It’s absolutely a huge market which shares the winners in what is so known as “literature.” Successes of self-published authors have been continuously accounted and have become a stirring inspiration among the others who aspire of pursuing the same path. Reasons might vary from one author to the other…from one book to the other. But one of the many reasons why thousands of book authors have found sweep out success in their self-publishing is because of the kind of book they have written. Different books speak a wide variety of topics and in some ways, it happens that a topic is highly trending among the reading public.

The science fiction genre, “Wool,” written by Hugh Howey, was self-published and has become a hit beginning the last quarter of 2012 up to early months of 2013 and sold millions. To the date, the best-selling erotic fiction novel by E.L. James, Fifty Shades trilogy has topped the Forbes’ list of top-earning self-published books, where 70 million copies were sold. Looking on this, it is safe to say that most people are embracing this kind of book genre these authors have accomplished.

Well equipped books have higher chance to be noticed

Recently, a self-publishing company, Bookwhirl Publishing has launched a press release about its new services namely: Indexing, Cover and Interior Proofs, and Back Cover Copywriting services. Indexing service is a process of extracting significant content from a book in order to facilitate efficient and rapid searching for the readers.

Back Cover Copywriting

Meanwhile, the firm’s Cover and Interior Proofs service is purposely initiated with high consideration on authors who are inexperienced with the Internet. With this service, authors can request for additional copy of their book’s physical cover and interior proofs anytime they want it. Lastly, the newly launched service is called Back Cover Copywriting service. It provides a bright and professional book synopsis which enables the readers to have a best sampler of the book information or story, which serves as a big help for the readers to decide whether they would want to buy the book.

Higher distinction

Pursuing a literary route is not just about how well you write a book and how good you drive and incur interests in the reading public through your craft. It’s all about the whole quality of your work that serves as the starting ground of the entire action you make towards self-publishing. Success or failure in your self-publishing solely depends on the kind of preparation and strategies from your writing, publishing, up to marketing your book.

Adding an index to your book can save your readers’ time in searching out the entire pages of your book especially when they are on a hurry to find some important information. With a high quality and professional index provided by expert indexers, you do not only help your readers but you also give your book a higher chance to be purchased. Generally, readers would also love to take a quick look at your book’s back cover. On this matter, a superb quality of a book synopsis is necessary in order to increase the sales pitch of your work.

When you think you can compete well in a huge market of self-publishing; that means you are confident enough that your book is complete and ready to be heard. With an appropriate genre of the book targeting the right public and proven effective strategies to fully equip your book, successful self-publishing is easily reachable.

Samuel J. Mikolaski’s Theological Sentences, On the Patio and Letters to China

Theological Sentences

A call to all Christians: Honor mainstream Christian roots, nourish those roots, and proclaim that message.

Theological Sentences

This comprehensive systematic theology expounds the major doctrines of the Christian Faith from the standpoint of Biblical teaching, the early confessions of the Christian Church, and a modern outlook on life. It engages the teaching of the Bible and significant confessional elements embedded in the writings of the early and later Church Fathers, in relation to modern philosophical and scientific perspectives and the human condition. It presents a theological vision that is both biblical and catholic, one that reflects faithfully core apostolically conveyed beliefs of the Christian faith, which are as vibrant and alive for life today as they were when the first Christians preached their faith in the ancient world.

You can purchase a copy throught these online bookstores: BookWhirlAmazonBarnes and Noble

On the Patio

On the Patio

Can a modern, scientifically minded person comfortably be a Christian? Find out as you join this lively dialogue among three main intellectual traditions in Western Civilization: Idealism, Materialism, and the Christian Faith, on the meaning of life for modern people.

Listen to the up-to-date discussion of an Idealist, a Materialist, and a Christian, as they talk on how life has been viewed in Western Civilization and how modern people should view it today. This is one excellent read for discussion in classrooms, churches, and study groups. Come and sit On the Patio as you immerse in this timely discourse on science and faith.

You can purchase a copy throught these online bookstores: BookWhirlAmazonBarnes and Noble

Letters to China

Letters to China

Christianity in the eyes of a Chinese Elder… Unfold this open Letter to China and learn some words of wisdom as shared by a Chinese Elder to his two young Christian friends through this collection of 18 compelling letters.

He writes on the key elements of the Christian Faith, not only on what it means to be a Christian, but what it can mean for a person of proud Chinese ancestry to be a Christian with a profound appreciation for Chinese history and culture. There is a strong emphasis on conserving historic Chinese value of family and community, especially for the growing Christian population of China, and Chinese Christians internationally. These Christian views parallel the best of ideals in China’s cultural heritage.

You can purchase a copy throught these online bookstores: BookWhirlAmazonBarnes and Noble

House of Mirrors by Debbie Boswell

House of Mirrors


Love, friendship and forgiveness intertwine in this fictional story of pain and revenge.

To the town of Gordonville, the Crandalls are a respectable Christian family. But inside the house, trouble and danger abound…

Meet Jenna Crandall, a docile public relations receptionist with an exceptional talent for art. But she carries with her some heavy baggage – the mental and emotional abuse by her mother and sisters. Jenna suffers in silence and only her best friend, Rosa Garrison, knows the truth and has the solution to her problem: kill her mother and sisters. However, Jenna won’t hear of it until she reaches her breaking point. Find out what she’s planning inside the House of Mirrors.

Unravel the hidden scandals with families and the lengths people go through to portray a pristine persona while hiding the truth about themselves and/or their families in author Debbie Boswell’s second book.

Debbie Boswell

Debbie Boswell

Debbie Boswell has a B.S. in accounting and an Enrolled Agent license (E.A.). She is also the owner/manager of Crafts by Grace, a cottage industry in which she makes candles, soap and designs T-shirts. Debbie co-wrote and co-produced her first screenplay, OPEN/CLOSE, through the Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center. House of Mirrors is her second novel. Debbie resides in Brooklyn, NY where she was born and raised.

Dick Rose Book Collection

Dick Rose

Dick Rose was born in Chicago, IL. August 16, 1931. He attended school in Chicago through the tenth grade before moving to Los Angeles, Cal., in 1947. He finished high school in 1949 and graduated from Los Angeles City College June 14, 1951, one day before entering the Navy.

Though he had tried to enlist in the Army in August 1950, at the outbreak of the Korean War, he was classified as 4-F. By June 1951, as the Korean War entered its sixth month of stalemate, he was re-classified 1-A. His patriotic ardor somewhat dimmed, he opted for Naval Service.

He entered naval service as a radioman and was assigned to the USS Pollux, a supply ship home ported in Yokosuka, Japan in March 1952. A year later, he found out about the recently formed Journalist rating. He applied for the Class A Journalism School and was selected to attend. Following graduation in September 1953, he found himself back in Yokosuka, on the staff of Commander Naval Forces, Far East in the History & Awards section, preparing a month-to-month history of the Navy’s participation in Korea.

He left the Navy in May 1955, attended UCLA, and married Barbara Feder. Bored with the study of 17 century English writers, he re-entered the Navy in February, 1956. He was assigned to the News Department of Armed Forces Radio, Taiwan, in Taipei. He was the news director, newscaster three times a day, and hosted a couple of musical shows.

In November 1956, his daughter, Debbi, was born in Taipei.

Successive tours of duty from 1959-1965 found him advancing in rate, serving in Seattle, Washington; Hollywood, California; and Pt. Mugu, California.

In 1965, he returned to Japan and Armed Forces Radio to head the news bureau at Far East Network, Tokyo. A promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer brought a sooner-than expected transfer to Saigon, Vietnam, on the staff of Commander US Naval Forces, Vietnam.

In Vietnam, he was the senior enlisted man and officer supervisor for a 12-man contingent of navy journalists and photographers. He supervised their assignments to Navy detachments throughout the country, primarily in the Mekong Delta, south of Saigon. During his one-year tour, he participated in fourteen combat missions on attack helicopters, river patrol boats, and with the U.S. Marine Corps-trained Vietnamese commandos, service which earned him the Navy Commendation Medal with combat “V.”

It was during this service, as he personally observed the progress of the war, attended press briefings for news media correspondents, read situation and action reports, read the English language version of Saigon newspapers, and listened to his fellow servicemen of all four services, that his disillusion began.

He finished his Navy career in Coronado, California, on the staff of Commander Amphibious Force, US Pacific Fleet. Further contact with returning servicemen as well as conscientious objectors who were assigned to the commander’s staff while awaiting their processing out, sharpened his concern over the war. After 3/12 years of absence, his return to the United States in October, 1968 had introduced him to the increasing opposition to war.

Following his retirement as a Master Chief Journalist in 1971, he entered San Diego State University, earning a BA with honors in English in 1972, and an MA in 1975. While in school, he realized that he had to tell his story, his view as a participant, and as a disillusioned career navyman.

The story became his Master’s Thesis, Moveable Forts and Magazines, re-published as Tarnished Brass Curtain: A Novel of Vietnam, about the Vietnam experience. In it, he was able to dramatize the contradictions and doubts faced by a dedicated and loyal Navyman. It also allowed him to explore alienation, the outsider status he had always felt as a Jewish second generation American in a WASP-oriented society. The book was a finalist in the 2011 National Independent Press Excellence Awards in the military fiction category.

In 1997, he and Barbara retired from the IRS. They moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in January, 2000, where he continued to write, tend his rose bushes and koi pond waterfall, and prepare occasional tax returns.

Though he had many news stories and feature articles published in military and civilian newspapers and magazines, and wrote an award-winning radio drama in 1966 saluting the Hungarian Freedom Fighter, he remains focused on Vietnam. He was active in Vietnam Veterans of America, where he served in various chapter offices, and edited a newsletter, Frontlines. He was also a contributing editor to the VVA California State newspaper, The California Zephyr.

Throughout his post-Navy career, he wrote humorous newspaper columns for various VA and community newspapers, under the title Through Rose-colored Glasses.

In November, 2012, he published a collection of articles, stories and poems about Vietnam, written while there, and afterward, entitled “Vietnam: Through Rose-colored Glasses” This book won Honorable Mention in the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Book Festival in the mixed-media category and a Bronze Medal in the Current Events military category of the Independent Press (IPPY) 2013 contest. His latest book, a collection of short stories, “Did You Ever Try to Melt a Lemon Drop?” won the 2012 MANA 1st Prize Sunrise Writers Contest and is expected to be published by MANA in June, 2013. Barbara died in 2007, and Dick and his daughter, Debbi, now live in Henderson, Nevada.

What Really Matters by Dr. Ralph Redding

What Really Matters

Meet Zeke the zebra, who sees his reflection and gallops off on an adventure to learn about the color of his skin.

Set in the African savanna, the story begins as Zeke wonders whether he is a black zebra with white stripes or a white zebra with black stripes. In his search for answers, his animal friends’ opinions have only made him feel confused and inferior. Perflex, Zeke decides to approach his wisest friend, Matilda the elephant. With Matilda’s sensible words, Zeke soon discovers that color or physical appearance is unimportant, as long as one realizes what really matters.

Celebrating the diversity of our human race, this thoughtful fable offers young readers a simple and clear explanation of how differences in physical appearances do not matter, because What Really Matters! is the personality or inner character with each of us.

About the Author

Ralph Redding was raised in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. After graduating from the public school system, he attended the University of Alberta for both his undergraduate and medical school training. He got additional medical training in London and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He then moved to New England with his family and taught pulmonary medicine at Brown University. He is the author of fifty scientific and medical articles, and this is his first children’s book.

The most significant event in his life was the discovery of bone cancer at age thirty-five, which prompted amputation of his left shoulder, arm and some ribs. His survival and recovery spurred him into newer interests such as death education for medical students, and participation in the early development of hospices, both in Miami, FL, and Tulsa OK, where he practised medicine for fifteen years.

He is now retired in New Bern, NC, and lives with his wife, Beverlee. Married for 38 years, they share six children between them, and twelve grandchildren. In New Bern, they started a free clinic that provides medical attention and medicines to un-insured low income individuals.