What Really Matters by Dr. Ralph Redding

What Really Matters

Meet Zeke the zebra, who sees his reflection and gallops off on an adventure to learn about the color of his skin.

Set in the African savanna, the story begins as Zeke wonders whether he is a black zebra with white stripes or a white zebra with black stripes. In his search for answers, his animal friends’ opinions have only made him feel confused and inferior. Perflex, Zeke decides to approach his wisest friend, Matilda the elephant. With Matilda’s sensible words, Zeke soon discovers that color or physical appearance is unimportant, as long as one realizes what really matters.

Celebrating the diversity of our human race, this thoughtful fable offers young readers a simple and clear explanation of how differences in physical appearances do not matter, because What Really Matters! is the personality or inner character with each of us.

About the Author

Ralph Redding was raised in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. After graduating from the public school system, he attended the University of Alberta for both his undergraduate and medical school training. He got additional medical training in London and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He then moved to New England with his family and taught pulmonary medicine at Brown University. He is the author of fifty scientific and medical articles, and this is his first children’s book.

The most significant event in his life was the discovery of bone cancer at age thirty-five, which prompted amputation of his left shoulder, arm and some ribs. His survival and recovery spurred him into newer interests such as death education for medical students, and participation in the early development of hospices, both in Miami, FL, and Tulsa OK, where he practised medicine for fifteen years.

He is now retired in New Bern, NC, and lives with his wife, Beverlee. Married for 38 years, they share six children between them, and twelve grandchildren. In New Bern, they started a free clinic that provides medical attention and medicines to un-insured low income individuals.


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