House of Mirrors by Debbie Boswell

House of Mirrors


Love, friendship and forgiveness intertwine in this fictional story of pain and revenge.

To the town of Gordonville, the Crandalls are a respectable Christian family. But inside the house, trouble and danger abound…

Meet Jenna Crandall, a docile public relations receptionist with an exceptional talent for art. But she carries with her some heavy baggage – the mental and emotional abuse by her mother and sisters. Jenna suffers in silence and only her best friend, Rosa Garrison, knows the truth and has the solution to her problem: kill her mother and sisters. However, Jenna won’t hear of it until she reaches her breaking point. Find out what she’s planning inside the House of Mirrors.

Unravel the hidden scandals with families and the lengths people go through to portray a pristine persona while hiding the truth about themselves and/or their families in author Debbie Boswell’s second book.

Debbie Boswell

Debbie Boswell

Debbie Boswell has a B.S. in accounting and an Enrolled Agent license (E.A.). She is also the owner/manager of Crafts by Grace, a cottage industry in which she makes candles, soap and designs T-shirts. Debbie co-wrote and co-produced her first screenplay, OPEN/CLOSE, through the Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center. House of Mirrors is her second novel. Debbie resides in Brooklyn, NY where she was born and raised.


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