Book Publishing and Marketing Services: Is Your Book Complete?

Do you think your book is ready to make profits in self-Publishing? Think once again. You could have missed the most significant factors that would lead you to the path towards self-publishing success.

The content always matters

It’s absolutely a huge market which shares the winners in what is so known as “literature.” Successes of self-published authors have been continuously accounted and have become a stirring inspiration among the others who aspire of pursuing the same path. Reasons might vary from one author to the other…from one book to the other. But one of the many reasons why thousands of book authors have found sweep out success in their self-publishing is because of the kind of book they have written. Different books speak a wide variety of topics and in some ways, it happens that a topic is highly trending among the reading public.

The science fiction genre, “Wool,” written by Hugh Howey, was self-published and has become a hit beginning the last quarter of 2012 up to early months of 2013 and sold millions. To the date, the best-selling erotic fiction novel by E.L. James, Fifty Shades trilogy has topped the Forbes’ list of top-earning self-published books, where 70 million copies were sold. Looking on this, it is safe to say that most people are embracing this kind of book genre these authors have accomplished.

Well equipped books have higher chance to be noticed

Recently, a self-publishing company, Bookwhirl Publishing has launched a press release about its new services namely: Indexing, Cover and Interior Proofs, and Back Cover Copywriting services. Indexing service is a process of extracting significant content from a book in order to facilitate efficient and rapid searching for the readers.

Back Cover Copywriting

Meanwhile, the firm’s Cover and Interior Proofs service is purposely initiated with high consideration on authors who are inexperienced with the Internet. With this service, authors can request for additional copy of their book’s physical cover and interior proofs anytime they want it. Lastly, the newly launched service is called Back Cover Copywriting service. It provides a bright and professional book synopsis which enables the readers to have a best sampler of the book information or story, which serves as a big help for the readers to decide whether they would want to buy the book.

Higher distinction

Pursuing a literary route is not just about how well you write a book and how good you drive and incur interests in the reading public through your craft. It’s all about the whole quality of your work that serves as the starting ground of the entire action you make towards self-publishing. Success or failure in your self-publishing solely depends on the kind of preparation and strategies from your writing, publishing, up to marketing your book.

Adding an index to your book can save your readers’ time in searching out the entire pages of your book especially when they are on a hurry to find some important information. With a high quality and professional index provided by expert indexers, you do not only help your readers but you also give your book a higher chance to be purchased. Generally, readers would also love to take a quick look at your book’s back cover. On this matter, a superb quality of a book synopsis is necessary in order to increase the sales pitch of your work.

When you think you can compete well in a huge market of self-publishing; that means you are confident enough that your book is complete and ready to be heard. With an appropriate genre of the book targeting the right public and proven effective strategies to fully equip your book, successful self-publishing is easily reachable.


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