BookWhirl Unveils New Book Marketing Service: Book-to-Screen

Book screen services

Summary: BookWhirl Publishing gets more authority in self-publishing as it launches the Book-to-Screen service.

GREEN BAY WI (10/24/2013) – The year of the water snake is almost over yet this last quarter of 2013 is a busy point in time for BookWhirl Publishing. The self-publishing company continues to widen and strengthen its image as it currently launches another book marketing tool, the Book-to-Screen service.

Film adaptation has always been associated with the word “Hollywood.” Great books adapted into motion pictures have always been linked with appreciation by millions of viewers and screening in theaters across the nation, if not around the globe. Through Book-to-Screen service, authors are given the same opportunity to get that fame, profit, and that superstar label they dream.

Book-to-Screen service involves the reading of the materials of the book from character, storyline, dialogue, and premise by experienced professionals. This service is divided into three service levels: Book-to-Coverage, Book-to-Treatment, and Book-to-Screenplay.

For more information about the service, visit


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