Effective Book Marketing Campaigns to Generate Book Reviews

Effective Book Marketing Campaigns

High technology plays a big role in the effectiveness of all book marketing strategies you do for your work. In pursuing greater heights of self-publishing, an author takes advantage of almost every opportunity that arises just to ensure success in the end. A self-published author should consider the fact that the efficiency of a book marketing campaign can be weighed through book reviews by both professional book reviewers and the general reading public. It is through them that you would know whether your strategy is successful enough; or would need a revamp.

Acquiring more reviews for your work from the others, especially from the professional reviewers, is one of the many proofs that your book is starting to get a name in the industry. And, it might just be the beginning of that success you have been dreaming of. There are more things that can happen next. The more reviews your book gains; the higher possibility of book sales in the future. In order for this to be possible, each author should be deliberate about the business and should take every book marketing campaign seriously with the purpose of garnering more book reviews in the market.

So, what have been considered effective book marketing campaigns and how do they generate reviews?

Web Design: the power ground

Web DesignGenerally, readers become more attentive the moment they know more information about a book and its author. They acquire this information in many ways such as press releases, blogs, and articles which can all be posted on a website. Most successful authors in the world of literature triumph and have become best sellers because they have opted for effective book marketing strategies that suit their needs. Authors who have customized their own websites are directly and indirectly diverting their readers to read and know more about them and about their works.

Hugh Howey, author of “Wool” series, is one of those who have made the worth of having a website for a book. He once published his books on his website, where fans found them and went so fanatical about his works that they started creating online buzz. And following the popularity his book gained, his fans still couldn’t get enough as they flock to his website to make sure they know his latest books.

No matter what kind of book marketing campaigns you do, having your own website remains the best foundation. It is where the reading public and book reviewers can be redirected, especially when your marketing campaign is interesting and inviting. When it’s exciting to your readers, it is likely even more fascinating for book reviewers.

The website of your book is a business—so, you should make it one. These days, the number of self-publishing companies offering Web Design services, is increasing. It is solely up to your own forethought of which firm offers a professional yet affordable web design by which you benefit the most.

Email marketing

This kind of book marketing has been associated with electronic mail advertisement, where recipients are those massive audiences who have opted to receive commercial marketing messages in accordance to their specific interests. The fact that this kind of marketing reaches a vast and specific target market, it has become the favorite of authors, who have been wanting a strategy that can advertise their books through a precise demographic targeting with a massive reach, and above all, an advertisement that does not hurt their pockets.

This strategy assures that your advertisement is seen by a vast number of readers the moment they open their inboxes. As a result, the possibility to generate book reviews from them increases. In order to increase viewers of your ad through this campaign; make sure your advertisement is properly linked to your website and to an online bookstore where you prefer your book to be purchased from.

Book marketing through social media

social media logosEveryone knows that social media is the latest trend today—a safe place for numerous people to advertise and to talk about any transactions and businesses of their interests. It is reaching a wide audience without spending a huge amount of money. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube have become easier to use than ever. It is safe to say that because social media is free to use, promoting your book through any of these sites engage a huge number of readers, book reviewers, and literary agents, and authors, who often flock to discuss and talk about the world’s current events, interesting titles and different themes of stories.

Social Media is considered the newest brilliant way that readers, book reviewers, authors and their books connect. And, as they connect; it increases the chance for any book to be noticed, be talked about, and be reviewed.
Media Coverage

Whether print or broadcast media, this word has often been associated with informing people what the latest is and the hottest issues in the world. People are informed through news articles and press releases.

In a latest survey by BLS American Time Use Survey, A.C. Nielsen Co., the percentage of households that possess at least one television is 99%. With this datum, it is safe to say that 99% of the world’s population will be able to watch your book advertisement the moment you use the broadcast media in marketing your book. Therefore, book reviews can surely be generated through a high percentage of these viewers. On top of that, book promotional materials publicized on magazines and newspapers can also take the same privilege to be reviewed by the people whose daily routines include the reading and looking for news every day via print media.

Book reviewers help spread the message about your book and help you achieve the success every author dreams. They can be found online, waiting and are always ready to publish their reviews to their own network. They are among the audience watching television shows that might feature your book promotion. They are with those readers currently reading the news and the hottest issues. Acquiring more reviews for your book will help you enhance the credibility of your book.

Take the steps towards reaching it. Begin your advertising today through effective book marketing campaigns that can invite more credible reviewers and can generate more reviews for your work.


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