Ejituru By Nwanganga Shields



18-year-old Ejituru dreams to be a medical doctor. She is pressured by her father to marry an older man who she had only met for a few hours and who her father believes is a successful US immigrant. With her mother’s consent, she agrees because she wanted desperately to have a US education even though she had spent two years in medical school in Nigeria. The prospective husband, Ignatius, who has had a very difficult life in the US and is at that time earning a living as a taxi driver, wanted the marriage because of the promise he made to his dead mother to marry from the village and have children with strong root in the village. But will this be enough for them to enter this marriage of convenience?

Find out as you follow the clash between the couple’s competing objectives for entering into the union and how they were able to eventually reach an individual resolution.

Will they end up with something less… or something more?

About the Author

Nwanganga G. Shields was born and raised in Arochukwu, Nigeria, and currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland. She retired from the World Bank and is a widow with four grown children and eight grandchildren. Nwanganga studied at University of St Andrews and American University.

Inspired by authors like Orhan Pamuk, Julian Barnes, and Robert Harris, Nwanganga hopes to give her readers something to think about with her own writing. Ejituru is her first novel.


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