Edie Bradley LaDuke’s Postal Blue Image

Postal Blue Image

Postal Blue Image


The treasure of postal acclaim found its original concept during the same time as the tiny village of Rome was rising to its political heights. And this spread out from Europe through America and to the rest of the world. Even today, there is that notable honor specially given for these mail servicemen everywhere.

On September 21, 1963, one special mail lady crossed the rank and file of the postal blue to become the very first female foot letter carrier in this district, which included the states of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. And she invites you to join her, using the mode of transportation: her pair of feet and the U.S. mailbag in her story. Come and walk a mile or two with her and take a rather keen look at the street life of a mail lady.

Are you ready to face the rain that comes with thunder and no umbrella in sight, with stinking socks and black toenails? Find out if you can survive the street life of a mail lady as you leaf through the pages of Postal Blue Image.

Edie Bradley LaDuke

As far back as one can go in a young child’s memory, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up! A newspaper reporter was top billing. And still today, 2008, I have mellow dreams. No money for college has destroyed many of a dream. Yet there are ways to rebuild that dream. Just ask me. My greatest accomplishments in life have been my second marriage to my beloved Frenchman, Kenny and the warm loving five children (Richard, Tommy, Steven, Billy and Theresa) I have from my first marriage. The love and support that Kenny showered upon me helped me to find the courage to become a college student. How proud he walked beside me that night I graduated from Indiana University with an Associate Degree in Journalism. My children and now their children have listened and shared their views in so many ways throughout all the years I have had the honor of having them to love. God has certainly blessed me. My cup runneth over! My hat’s off to all who have listened to me whenever I shared my wonderful memories. Your support and laughter is priceless.

At age 16, another goal began to take shape, ‘I wanted to write a novel one third as good as Gone With The Wind. What a lofty and notable challenge that was! I offer you for your reading pleasure Postal Blue Image. My computer and I now reside in The Hoosier State.


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