The Moonlight Emporium by Violeta Sterner

The Moonlight Emporium

From the author of Cold from the Inside Out comes the equally riveting sequel, The Moonlight Emporium.

Author Violeta Sterner continues the saga of the Ravenwood Clan in this second book. The Ravenwoods are finally getting their family settled but the adventures haven’t stopped.

Kate has to fix her head, so they made an appointment with the doctor. Though the results fascinated the doctor, these were not alarming. Gabe has healed nicely after the beating administered by Professor Gilbert, while Gilbert spent time in prison after he recovered from his beating by Ravenwood. When the new DA charged Ravenwood with attempted murder, Ravenwood broke his jaw when he would not keep his hands off Kate.

Come and enjoy with Ravenwood and Kate as they celebrate their wonderful wedding – and hear Ravenwood play the violin to surprise his beloved. Accompany Kate as she learns that she could calm the mares during the birthing process, just as she could calm the family.

But what role does Stella, who runs The Moonlight Emporium, home of Po’s Potions, play in the lives of the Ravenwoods? Read on to find out the exciting adventures and surprises the emporium has in stored for you.

About the Author

Violeta F. Sterner was a project manager for AT&T, Storage Tech, and IBM. She is no longer able to work due to a disability. She lives with her mother in Ballwin, Missouri.


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