Impact of Self-Publishing Company Reviews on Aspiring Writers

self-publishing company review

As a self-published author, you are definitely entitled to your worries, queries, and the second thoughts about pursuing a path in self-publishing. Yet, some authors have proven themselves right when they start to self-publish their work and to the date, continue to enjoy having their books the hot picks of interested readers in the world.

Yet of course, successful self-published authors have been very careful on their every action considering the risks, investments, and effort they have shed just to get published. While “price” has become one of the most considered reasons of most readers to purchase self-published books; authors have also their own weighing scale in choosing the right self-publishing company to work with—including the good reputation and great reviews about the company.

The comparison

There are thousands of self-publishing companies in the world to choose from but let’s take a closer look on the reviews from some authors experiencing their services. In that way, you can start figuring out which company can be your good choice to self-publish your book.

This comparison’s credibility lies mainly on the experiences of their authors with them. In most cases, authors base their reviews on how they feel about the people working with them and the kind, quality, and the price of all self-publishing services they are offered with.

The pricing assessment

Most readers would look at first how much the book costs; and so with the self-published authors seeking for useful self-publishing services along the way. And you need facts about the pricing system of self-publishing services from each company.

In this, I mean a self-published author needs to first take into consideration the importance of researching about each self-publishing company and compare the prices of one common service offered. Under the publishing bracket for instance, most of the self-publishing companies are now offering the copyediting service. Different companies have different pricing scale on this service, such as BookWhirl Publishing, which charges $0.11 per 10,000-60,000 words, for $.023 per word, Xlibris for $0.012 per 10,000-60,000 words, and $0.35 per word at Trafford Publishing.

Good customer service that a company offers is also a plus. Authors who have great experiences talking to these companies’ marketing representatives are always likely to buy more additional book publishing and marketing services in the future.

Book marketing campaigns and media

These kinds of campaigns, whether book reviews, press release ads, and any kind of publicity that involves media, strongly underline the power of reputation. Most self-publishing companies are affiliated with different kinds of broadcast and print media where they can go further with posting press release ads for books and getting book reviews from popular and established book reviewers in the world. And most self-published authors find it a great accomplishment when they are able to have their books featured in newspapers and television. The question is: are they affiliated with those having high reputation media firms?

It is the companies that know whom are they affiliated with. And though the prices of this kind of book publicity campaign differ from one company to the other; the most important thing for authors to do is to ask those people dealing with them in their book marketing. It is your right to ask all your questions in mind so you will know who you are dealing with and what kind of exposure your book is going through.

Authors have different experiences in their self-publishing. When they are asked about those experiences, some of the answers would be based from their experience with the people working for the company.

Jilda Leigh, author of Shadows, Skeletons and a Southern BelleAnimals in the Fridge and other e-books, shares her experience working with Booktango. “This company and the personnel are awesome to work with! They have addressed any and all concerns I had in a timely and professional manner. They treated BOTH my e-book babies like they were their own children.”

Some authors are giving highlights on the benefits they get from a company’s service. Michael Edward Little, author of Twelve Quiet Men, happily recalls how some book marketing services of BookWhirl Publishing gives him the good way towards succeeding as a self-published author. “All in all my website and Trailer were very professionally done and I’m very happy with the way they turned out. In addition to creating a very professional result I found the Book Whirl staff to be very responsive, easy to work with, and very nice friendly accommodating people.

Of course, they give reviews according to how they feel about the company from the kind of customer service they get, the price of the services they take advantage, and the kind of support they get from these people towards gaining good results in the end.

Take your own actions now by getting more information on how you can self-publish and get recognition from your work. Gather some self-publishing company reviews and all related information; compare them, and decide which company that has all the qualities you need to consider.


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