Learning to Spell the Easy Way by Louise McPherson

Learning to Spell the Easy Way

Educator Louise McPherson leaves a legacy in early childhood education with this fun activity workbook on Learning to Spell the Easy Way.

Never be afraid to enhance your different skills. Develop a passion for learning and re-learning every day of your life. Enjoy these fun-loving activities and strategies and be a great help to the young ones.

With this enjoyable, meaningful, and relevant collection of interesting activities, parents and teachers alike would be able to better:
– Assist children and adults who are learning English as a second language
– Guide students through the basic shreds of English consonants and vowels.
– Enhance spelling, writing, reading and dictionary skills
– Offer fun activities that reinforce concepts and make it easier for the learning to bolster spelling, reading and writing skills
– Understand the role prefixes and suffixes play in the English language
– And many more…

Master these basic learning skills and excel at reading, spelling and writing. Improve your spelling prowess with this educational reference.

Louise McPherson

Louise McPherson is a special education teacher with several academic degrees, including a teaching diploma from West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University) and a master’s degree in special education from City College, City University of New York. She has a wide range of teaching experience at the pre-primary, primary, junior high, and adult educational levels. She has tutored and taught reading, spelling and writing for more than thirty years. She currently lives in New York.


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