Connected by The Light: Paranormal Experiences of a Psychic

Connected by The Light Paranormal Experiences of a Psychic Do you believe that we’re much more than simply physical humans living on Earth? YES, we are multi-dimensional, and we do have a spiritual side. Are you ready to reach out to the energies of light beyond Earth, to dimensions beyond our five senses?

Embark on an adventurous and mystical journey to the inner workings of sixth sense phenomena. Read about the many fascinating and amazing personal psychic experiences the author, John Elgaaen, has had during his life. Become captivated as he shares with you numerous true stories of being Connected by The Light, which centers on the “God side” of spirituality and the high energy realms of light. It’s time that all of us reach a deeper understanding of the interrelationship between the physical and spiritual sides of life. This intriguing book will leave you with uplifted, positive, and contented emotions about life beyond the physical, as you explore the mesmerizing world of the sixth sense.

Mr. Elgaaen was born with an extraordinary ability to frequently sense and experience these different energy realms, and he has become an expert on the subject having had countless psychic events during his life. John not only describes numerous extra perceptive occurrences in Connected by The Light, but he also explains detailed spiritual theory that has been acquired by these astounding events.

“The ceiling was gone, and in its place were incredible sensations with an awareness that went far beyond Earth. There was a feeling of great unconditional love along with the visual effects of many beautiful colors. Next I heard amazingly splendid voices that sounded like those of angels, singing along with the carols. The pureness and great depth of their voices was unlike anything I had ever heard on Earth. As a child, I kept thinking that nothing here could ever sound like that. This amazing experience lasted for maybe ten minutes. During that time, I rested on the bed, staring up toward the ceiling experiencing Christmas in Heaven.”
– Excerpt from Connected by The Light

John Elgaaen

John ElgaaenIntriguing paranormal experiences have been an integral part of John Elgaaen’s life since a very young age. The first conscious experience occurred when John was just a tiny baby lying down for naptime. Since that very early age, these amazing sixth sense events have continued and remain ongoing for him.

During his lifetime of stimulating extra perceptive occurrences, he has come to understand the spiritual side of life much better. In fact, this spiritual connection has become a very important aspect of his life, one that he would not want to be without.

His entire life has been guided by those in spirit. John’s latest request has been to write Connected by The Light. Before starting the book, he was at the kitchen window looking outside, when suddenly a vision of God appeared in the late afternoon sky. After the event, he thought no more about the wonderful vision. He knew answers would come as to why it had occurred.

Two nights later during sleep a guide spoke very loud and clear to John, telling him that God wanted him to write a book and “make beautiful music,” sharing his sixth sense experiences with others. A few days after the verbal message from spirit, a powerful feeling of urgency and inspiration swept over his entire being. The book was going to be written, and it was now time for him to start writing.

Mr. Elgaaen lives in California, close to family and surrounded by friends. In addition to his strong spiritual connection, he enjoys landscape design, stock market watching, and music.


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