Fran Thomas, Jr’s Black Angel

Black Angel

Step into North Willow, a tiny, idyllic New England town of sun-dappled trees, bountiful farm stands, where ‘quaint’ and ‘old-fashioned’ are a way of life, whose tranquility hides a terrible secret stretching back from primordial antiquity, a dark history which could open the very gates of Hell. A monstrous evil festers there from the dawn of mankind.

Black AngelUnbeknownst to all but a few of the town’s residents, someone, or more accurately, something has been manipulating them into performing a series of rituals which will awaken and unleash this ancient, savage god.

Drawn to this picturesque valley is Aaron Gale, a towering, physically imposing youth, possessed of uncanny powers he neither controls nor fully understands, abilities which some believe are of divine origin, his birth itself defying modern medicine. Believed by his mysterious mentor, the enigmatic Conjure Woman, to be the earthly offspring of no less than the Angel of Seven Swords mentioned in the Book of Revelations, Aaron will need every skill she believes he has in his arsenal. For the supernatural foes awaiting him will stop at nothing to summon the slumbering evil for their own sinister purposes, and if Aaron falters, far more than North Willow will be at risk.

But no one could have foreseen the horrors which await the Black Angel, nor how prophetic that cryptic warning would be…

Fran Thomas, Jr.

Black Angel is my debut novel. I have a BA in English, and wrote a monthly column for twelve years in the local paper, and am currently writing a monthly column in another small local paper. My second as yet unpublished novel, introduces a flawed but deadly protagonist, as does the third, which is a work in progress.

Like the stable of heroes created by Robert E. Howard, my series of books feature larger than life men of action, who live by their own code of honor, each possessing deadly skills which they put to use frequently. The settings for these stories range from contemporary America to planets light years from earth, and genres from horror to thriller to sci-fi. The genre is less important than the story, and thus my novels are not easy to classify.

Fans of the supernatural will enjoy the adventures of Noah Gale, the Black Angel. Thriller/military readers will be engaged by Noah Winston, the hero of the 2nd novel searching for an agent/publisher right now, while conspiracy/UFO/sci-fi fans will want to jump on board the adventures of King Nighthawk when that novel (Zeus Unchained is the working title) gets published. Future projects include the sequel to Black Angel, and an environmental/sci-fi trilogy (The Green World Trilogy), as well as the adventures of a Nubian mercenary set in ancient Egypt.

I have two daughters, and am an accomplished martial artist, holding the title of Sandan, 3rd degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, and have spent twelve years as a middle school principal.


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