Life After Death

“Life After Death Time and tide wait for no man.”

Life After DeathIn “Life After Death” Detective Jack Ireland investigates the brutal murders of two brothers—Peter and Matthew Grayson. While digging for clues and leads in solving this high profile double homicide he must thwart off promiscuous advances from his prime suspect, the beautiful, seductive, diabolical widow, Sonja Grayson. Those who dare to love her suffer dire consequences.

Laurie Bergstrom is an ambitious and aggressive journalist with dubious intentions. She wants Jack, his skepticism of her is justified. His investigation into her past brings forth a shocking discovery. She is connected to the serial killers who put him through a decade of misery. It also comes to Jack that Laurie has unraveled an FBI cover-up of devastating proportions. Once again, Jack will be forced to confront his haunting memories of Kirsti’s death.

The web of deception and betrayal thrown before him casts an entirely different and dangerous shadow over his beloved wife’s death and Laurie’s provocations. With one eye on Sonja Grayson and the other on Laurie, Jack has little time to waste. Both are confident and on the move. Each has a deliberate and immediate plan. One thing is certain. Jack Ireland’s life will be permanently altered by the sequence of events in “Life After Death


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