Pros and Cons on Getting Affordable Book Marketing

Affordable Book Marketing

According to Kelly Wilson, author of the book, Live Cheap and Free: Strategies to Thrive in Tough Economic Times, cheap and free book marketing strategies provide the maximum benefit at minimal cost. While I agree that as an author, you would save a lot of money when you opt for cheap and free book marketing; all of us know that in every step we take towards succeeding in anything we do, there are always positive as well as negative sides of it.


It’s absolutely a saving on your end.

Just like what I’ve mentioned, opting for cheap book marketing tools for your work can help you save a huge amount of money. It won’t pain you to get your book promoted and be able to be recognized by the readers out there. Some publishing companies are even offering some free book promotion services—that would even make you luckier.

Experience with professionals

While it’s true that you can promote your book all by yourself; professional work still makes a big difference. Spending less is worth it. After all, you opt for cheap marketing services from the skilled people working with the company you are partnering with. Such way enables you to have a great experience of learning from the experts when it comes to specifics that need proficiency.

However, getting affordable book marketing does require self-motivation, hard work, and patience. Above all, you need to be cautious about who are you working with and be knowledgeable on the progress of your book marketing.

Book exposure with less hassle

Opting for inexpensive book marketing services is definitely a way for your book to be recognized in the reading public the same way that costly marketing deals do. Marketing tools such as press releases, e-mail marketing campaigns, and trailers are considered among those effective book marketing services, which can empower your book promotion because it involves wide range of audience who get to see what you’ve got. In most self-publishing companies, such as, these services are offered at reasonable costs. Therefore, it is safe to say that while to pick a less costly marketing service is easier; it also widens your book promotion coverage.


Furnishing your book with affordable book marketing services can surely give you the glimpse of how the self-publishing goes. However, it is also holding you from achieving the peak of your dreamed destination in the industry. In other words, you are putting a limit on your book marketing efforts.

Which company you are partnering with?

Never compromise quality.

These reasonably priced book marketing services you are purchasing can be an advantage if they come from a reliable company but can put you in trouble when they become less competitive. This happens when you don’t do your part as an author trying to catch the attention of the readers in the world through your book. You need to gather all information necessary in order to assure yourself that you are giving a shot on a service that doesn’t deprive you the utmost quality you mostly deserve.

No matter what marketing platforms a publisher can present before you, book deal doesn’t end the entire process. Your goal should step-up into getting more book sales in the process. After all, that’s the bottom line as to why you want to publish your book and give it some recognition. Getting affordable book marketing platforms and furnishing your book with perfection don’t mean putting your book at the bottom part in the literary world. Have the initiative to do the research and discover those companies offering world-class book marketing services at sensible costs.

It only takes a few minutes of your time. Yet making inquiries about a company can be self-fulfilling in the future, especially seeing yourself succeed as an author.


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