Ragoo Authored by Lawrence G. Tilley



Unknown to the humans that inhabited the Earth, a complete new world existed below.

Dinosaurs, millions of years old, highly intellectually evolved with knowledge and an ability that was totally unimagined by those on the Earth’s outer crust, would suddenly emerge as saviours of the human race.

Creatures that can see without eyes and speak without tongues will enthral you.

These cuddly creatures will capture your imagination and open your mind to new and exciting ideas.

Lawrence G. Tilley

Lawrence and Jonnette both reside in the south western region of British Columbia, Canada. Set between the Rockies and the Cascade mountains.

He (badger47@telus.net) writes purely for his own satisfaction in a way that is pleasing to the younger reader, allowing their own interpretations, in a way that encompasses new ideas, including a mild comedy that should also be acceptable to the avid reader and educated parent.

She, (as Badjonni, jonnette66@gmail.com) conveys a fresh approach to complimenting a story and aiding to the imagination of the adult to be.

It is our hope that the underlying meaning of this tale does not go unheeded.


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