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About Ruth Lampe’s Books

SURVIVING Mental Illness

A story that needs to be told.

Surviving Mental IllnessIt is a story about an incredible love between a man and a woman. Married many years, their life has not been without struggles that originated with the author’s husband’s family that brought a serious genetic chemical imbalance that took the lives of two brothers and a third brother that had continual mental breakdowns for years and never recovered. Ruth Lampe, the author, struggled to get the best care for her dear husband during the 5 bouts of mental depression he had during their marriage. She fought to keep him alive and won each time, through many attempted suicides and care of Psychiatrists that didn’t fight hard enough for his life. She did. Follow the gripping story as she faces these difficult times, but not alone. She had such a depth of faith that she leaned on and it was because of these struggles she wants to share this story with others to perhaps help someone else.

This book offers readers a glimpse into the author’s journey through her early life. Here, Ruth Lampe shares the things that helped shape her being—revealing the many doors that challenged her choices, decisions and commitment and the ease these doors open when knowing the direction you want in life and always evaluating what is important. Through these thoughts and poems, they will see the quiet influence of her mother, the concern, yet strong love, they had with their father, and the belonging they felt as a family. The pages will slowly uncover how the author’s family faces different obstacles, how her parents teach their children how to deal with life’s realities, how to discern the right things to follow, and how to discover life’s true purpose—a journey that taught her many things and guided her through the next phase of her life. Ruth Lampe’s choice, that never wavered, was her walk with God through life. It was so strong in her family and it became her mantra on which she based her life.

Life: Always a Choice of Doors

A glimpse into the author’s journey through her early life.

Life: Always a Choice of DoorsRuth Lampe’s first book SURVIVING Mental Illness is a memoir dealing with her marriage and her husband’s family.

“Keep walking with me” may seem difficult but not when you look at it as a challenge and make your choice one that would bring another path, another door.

This now gives a picture of the Author’s growing up days as she lived a life of such faith and devotion to God, regardless of any circumstances, and defines where the Author gets the faith and strength she needed for her life.

It is also the author’s own personal life story and family history growing up in Toledo, Ohio with a family that gave her such strong direction and hope in life, ‘thru it all’.

Both books reveal Ruth Lampe’s love of her husband, love of family, how she felt the strength of her Mother and her Father, and her own strong love of her Lord, Jesus Christ. Her desire is always the same: may her life tell the story.

Sharing the pain, joy, hope and so much more, Life: Always a Choice of Doors invites the readers to learn to make the right choices and discover the true essence of life and family.

Ruth Lampe

Ruth LampeRuth Lampe is sharing the life she has lived in these books she has written. Her desire is to set her own life as a record of living that was difficult at times but yet full of love and joy. Her desire is to share pain with others who are in pain and give some hope to them. If she can make a difference in someone else’s life, that will be reason enough for living this life and surviving it.

She is extremely proud of her two adult children: Beth Lampe Elliott and David Lampe. They are a gift!


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