Senior Health 101: Best book on Senior Health

senior health 101Who better to share some truths and insights on senior health than the octogenarian himself, author Lyall Ryden. This is what retirees should accompany them as they enter a new chapter in their life.

Know everything you need to know about ageing gracefully as author shares the basics of Senior Health.

With this Senior Health 101 book, the author helps others age gracefully, by changing or improving their lifestyle with better eating habits and exercises. Keep your body in maximum condition as you grow older. He has found a healthier way to live and is a living proof of that!

Senior Health 101 is about living healthy at any age.

Author Lyall Ryden is 81 years old and living proof of how to age gracefully. After high school, he joined the United States Navy, served four years, and was stationed in San Francisco where he became hooked on weight training, spending hours at local gyms. He even worked out at American Fitness Icon, Jack LaLanne’s gym. But in 1956, he contracted polio, dropped from 196 lbs. to 169 lbs. in six days, was unable to swallow for eight weeks, and struggled for life. And he shares his miraculous recovery, passionate pursuit of rebuilding his body and keys to what it takes to be healthy and stay healthy, in this inspiring read.


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