The Self, The Christ: Individual, Yet Collective

The Jungian Analytical Psychology perspective provided the foundation for this writing and for helping in the realization that the Christ is a symbol of the Self, that the Self is indistinguishable from the God image, and knowing our true Self to be whole and complete. This also clarifies that psychic processes in all individuals must be impersonal and conform to law, implying that what one has achieved by effort all can.

The Self, The Christ: Individual, Yet CollectiveLearn to ascertain what our True Self is, which is that we are creators, made in the image and likeness of that which we call God. Therefore, the idea is to acknowledge that this image and likeness is, what in the epistles of Paul is called, the Christ in you, your hope of glory. Furthermore, the idea is to focus on and give attention to developing this Christed Self, and stop focusing on sin because this Christed Self is a being that is one with God and cannot be separate from God ever, is faithful and doesn’t miss the mark.

The author hopes that this will serve as a resource for those ready to accept that our ultimate Self is the Christ of God and that it is a Consciousness which is accessible to us now. We affirm our acceptance of the Christ as us, and we are empowered to become as children of God with all of the authority of the Holy Spirit. Certainly if we clothe ourselves with the “new self” that is created in God’s likeness, then the dawn of a new era will happen in that individual’s personal life; and as this new self is put on collectively, then a societal wide transformation will be witnessed to. Remember we are to not only bear witness to but to act as an agent for the Christ consciousness. Therefore, let us create a space within ourselves for the Incarnation of the Christ within that it may be given birth.

Julian Enoch Bruno M.A.

Julian Enoch BrunoI received my Master of Arts in Consciousness Studies from the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles in 2003 and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas in 1986. I am a member of the Unity Church of Austin; and in 2013, I was voted in to serve on the Board of Trustees for Unity Church of Austin. I have written five booklets of poetry. I work as the Production Manager for a medical device company in Austin, Texas. Having a background in Unity School of Christianity, I have an affinity for metaphysical interpretation of scripture, meaning that all the people and places signify some level of consciousness out-picturing itself.


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