The Spirit of Giving Featured Book

featured-bookBeing able to write six books on how to write well, three novels, and numerous plays that have been presented at a UK regional theatre and in the Winnipeg; Ron Blicq has penned down The Spirit of Giving. The book is a unique Christmas reading experience, suitable for all kinds of readers—children and adults. It’s a collection of Christmas tales, portraying those people who have given of themselves to ensure that others can have a meaningful Christmas spirit.

One chapter highlights the letters from children around the world, describing what Christmas is like for them. The stories in The Spirit of Giving are comparable to the modern Christmas fables, having a lot of almost-Dickensian twists. Writer Ron Blicq heard about the events he describes over the past decade and a half. It is from them that he began his fashion into inscribing the seven stories that add a new dimension to how we see Christmas.

Through these tales, you can perfectly experience the real spirit of giving not just in Christmas season but also in spring, summer, and fall. These stories are where everyone can relate as they share real emotions, which portray the inherent of mankind. And though The Spirit of Giving is a collection of fictional stories, it is considered an optimistically inspirational because they are based in real events experienced by the author in his past years.

This book highlights the idea that Christmas should not stop in wrapping different gifts by vibrant-colored wrappers but rather the experience of the real essence of love and sharing.


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