Be on the Top List Using Newswire Services

With the advancement of technology, information is not only shared through the use of books, newspapers, television, radio but mainly through the internet.


When searching the internet, readers can find the most recent news all over the world. In the present times, the most widely source of information is through newswire services. These send the press releases in an effective and quicker way to reach into the hands of target audience, journalists, bloggers, etc.


Despite the myriad of self-publishing services offered by so many publishing companies, many authors opt to have the newswire services since it helps pave the way to success.


But, how do newswire services promote an author’s book?


ñ  Increases SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Most newswire services allow the journalists or bloggers to look for a press release on a specific category on their own interests. The act of publishing a press release on an online news engine like Google news or Yahoo news can help increase the traffic of your website and its “ranking” resulting to a higher search on major search engines. This will likely increase the online sales for it will be available to many potential readers all over the world.

ñ  Expands Social Sharing

Social media has brought an influence with the distribution of the press releases to hundreds and thousands of users worldwide. Many newswire services companies include the press releases on their social feeds like twitter. This could help expose your press release to different kinds of people like journalists, bloggers or even the possible customers in local, national and international making it easier to access.

ñ  Extends Blogger Relation

Some bloggers tend to root out information that are released on social media or any online websites. With newswire services, it will be easy for authors to look for a blogger who will be interested in press releases.

ñ  Easy Access

Not only bloggers find it easy to search for a press releases but also for possible readers. Many readers no longer rely on the traditional media since technology had greatly affected their lives. It’s easier for the readers to look for information into different online sites. Moreover, all releases are archives in over thousands of websites, databases and online services making it instantly available to millions of users.

Distributing your press releases through the help of a newswire services can not only increase the number of potential readers but can also help spread your word as an author.


However, this will not be possible without a properly written press release. Before investing on a newswire service, make sure to create a good release that is newsworthy to both journalist and your target audience.




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