4 Reasons to Include Live Chat in Your Marketing Strategy

Customer support

Any sensible entrepreneur will agree that merely making sales is not the ultimate goal in setting up a business. To be able to sustain the success of business, owners also need to ensure customer satisfaction as much as they can. One effective way of covering this base is by establishing reliable channels for customer assistance. Customers appreciate it when they see that a brand exerts considerable effort in making sure that every transaction is a happy one, and that the owner isn’t in the business just to earn money.

Providing assistance through live chat is one of the budding methods businesses are starting to integrate in their websites. A system that allows you to be of service to your customers through instant messaging, it’s a viable alternative to long-established practices such as phone and email support. If you’re the kind of entrepreneur who looks after your customers’ welfare, here are four reasons why you should offer them the live chat option and how it will help you stabilize your business on firmer ground.

1. It enhances customer experience
When it comes to shopping, customers prefer it if every step of the process is a breeze. From the selection of the one item they want, having it tested until they’re convinced, finally paying for it, to reaching the customer service hotline when they need aftersales assistance—customer seeks convenience when doing all of these. The part where live chat comes in is providing superior customer service in the most convenient means possible. By installing a live chat widget on your website, you can make it easier for your customers to reach you, especially those who don’t have access to a phone or whose concerns are too urgent for an email. While it’s still important that you offer other channels of assistance, live chat ensures that conversations happen in real time and customers are attended to with a sense of urgency.

2. It is convenient for you
One of the good things about giving your customers the live chat option is that it minimizes the possibilities of your representatives being verbally harangued by customers. Attending to customers is stressful enough, but going as far as placating irritated ones can take a toll on your staff. Although live chat doesn’t necessarily eliminate this scenario, it’s easier to handle customers through chat than listen to them screaming at the other of the line. Live chat also allows your customers to type the information they need, which means your staff doesn’t have to do all the work of encoding while paying attention to the customer. Your reps can then concentrate on the customer better without having to divide their focus.

3.It increases conversions
The presence of live chat revolves toward effectively engaging your customers here there is engagement,there’s also the possibility of increased sales. Much like when shopping in an actual store, a lot of customers prefer if there are staff that are always ready to render assistance. Customers seek the same experience when shopping online and live chat is a great way for you to help them navigate your website and your product/service catalog. Shoppers like it when their questions are answered immediately because it enables them to make buying decisions just as quickly. The sooner their inquiries are satisfied, the likelier it is for them to make a purchase and come back for a second time.

4. It gives you an advantage over competitors
The value of live chat support to business has been underrated for quite some time that not many entrepreneurs are keen on having it on their website. The thing is there are customers who tend to switch to other brands when they don’t find immediate assistance at the ready. Make live chat support your leverage over your competition in the business by enjoying the perks of such channel can do bring to your enterprise. By completing your customer service arm with the addition of live chat, you’ll have a better shot at giving your customers a gratifying experience.

The installation of a live chat support system in your website may cost you a few bucks but provided that you have a great product and even better staff to begin with, you’ll reap the benefits in no time. If you have experience in using live chat to cater to your customers, you can share with your tips below.


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