Enid’s Homestyle Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

Homestyle Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

Homestyle Authentic Jamaican CuisineThis book contains your favorite dishes as well as mine. Like most West Indian women, my stepmother who raised me from the age of five, after my dear mother passed away, was an excellent cook and always did her own cooking, regardless of the fact that we had a helper. I spent my early years in a boarding school where it was against the rules to even visit the kitchen, hence I was unable to gain even a firsthand knowledge of the art of cooking.

Enid Clarke Gaynor

I was born Enid Clarke Gaynor in Kingston, Jamaica. I attended Alpha Academy High School, where I successfully cleared the school certificate examination. After graduating, I attended a secretarial school and was later employed with the Gleaner company as a stenographer. I resigned from the Gleaner company and migrated to London, England, where I married. I worked as a stenographer in London with Western Union Telegraph (WUT) company. WUT later sponsored my family and me to the United States where I worked as a secretary and later on WWa word processing secretary for the head office in downtown Manhattan. I relocated to Florida, and I was employed as a secretary with Broward County Governmental Center until I retired in 2004.


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