The Spirit of Giving by Ron Blicq

Featured Book for December

The Spirit of Giving: Seven Contemporary Christmas Tales

Celebrate Christmas the whole year round with family and friends as you immerse in this collection of inspiring, modern Christmas tales.

Enjoy seven modern Christmas tales about people who have given of themselves to ensure that others—often less fortunate—experience a memorable Christmas.

Experience The Spirit of Giving even during spring, summer or fall…

Christmas stories are not only for children, and definitely not only to be enjoyed during the end-of-year holidays. Author Ron Blicq’s collection of Christmas tales share real emotions portraying the inherent goodness in people, which makes this book a refreshing read all throughout the year for everyone in the family. Though it’s a compilation of fictional stories, The Spirit of Giving is a positively inspiring read based on real events in the past decade and a half.

Meet Myles Reddish, a single parent with two daughters, who may soon be enjoying their last Christmas together; Keith, a retiree who built a wooden but realistic snowman which took off, and started sending him postcards from around the world; two teenagers, who got delayed and had to spend Christmas Day on an intercontinental flight; and more.


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