Iyengar Yoga The Integrated And Holistic Path To Health

IYENGAR YOGASenior Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers Tommijean Thomas, Ph.D., and Ben Thomas B.S. share a simplified yet more beneficial practice of yoga through Iyengar Yoga. Both of these authors, busy and average householders with jobs and children, have discovered and created a series of healthful yoga practices, which is applicable for all. These senior Iyengar teachers present an approach that includes scientifically validated research and proven effectiveness.

In this book, the authors offer teaching and information topics that include a concise overview of the many aspects of yoga: a vast amount of computer drawn illustrations, and more than 500 photographs depicting the yoga postures; a self-study guide to the yoga poses including 70 basic foundation postures with descriptions, techniques, and benefits in detail; 15 original series (sequence/routines) of postures with different purposes and themes to carry the practitioner through a diverse personal practice; a discussion of how to perform and understand the physical postures, rhythmic controlled breathing, meditation, relaxation, postural alignment, stress management, and philosophy; common questions typically asked by yoga students with related answers; an artful collection of photos demonstrating postures beyond beginning level; and so much more.

This is a must-have book for yoga practitioners, teachers, studio owners, health providers, college classes, and business settings as it confirms the benefits and effects of Iyengar-style yoga practice.


Tommijean Thomas, Ph.D. and Ben Thomas, Senior Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers with over 30 years of practice, present a method/approach to Iyengar Yoga that has been scientifically validated and proven effective in a pre/post research study of newcomers to yoga. The signifi cant positive results assessed after eleven weeks of training continue to increase over time and include physical, medical, psychological, and spiritual gains. The Thomas’ conducted and present three additional research studies that show convincingly that Iyengar Yoga practitioners who train extensively and for a considerable period of time will make statistically greater gains in medical, physical, psychological and spiritual benefits and effects than practitioners training over brief and less intense periods. The step-by-step approach in this Thomas text is easy to follow, and contains pertinent material that will be useful for newcomers to yoga, seasoned yoga practitioners, and professional yoga teachers.


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