Enchanting illustrated books for the little ones by Author Elliott Gilbert

Enchanting illustrated books for the little ones. Author Elliott Gilbert offers parents and guardians a perfect bonding time with their young readers with these reading treasures.

Max Goes Hunting

Enjoy this adventure story about being on one’s own for the very first time. In this lesson-filled read for new readers, the little ones get to follow Max as he goes hunting for the first time. Max’s adventure might encourage families to include more fruits and vegetables in their diet, as both nutritionists and medical professionals have suggested.

Max’s parents taught him how to hunt for his own food. However, when he goes out hunting for the first time, the emotional pleas of his captured prey become unbearable; he has realized that the carnivorous life may not be for him. Despite his parents’ expectations, Max is unable to return with an animal for the family meal. He gets hungrier and hungrier as he roams through the woods, not knowing where to look further for food.

What he doesn’t know is that a surprising discovery awaits him when he least expects. Find out what it is as Max Goes Hunting.

You can purchase a copy of Max Goes Hunting from these online bookstores: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

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My Cat Story

A day in the life of a mama cat and her kittens told entirely in illustrations.

This perfect read for little ones pushes you and your child to be creative because you can change the story every time, or let your young readers tell the story. It engages their imaginations while increasing their vocabulary.

Follow a mother cat and her kittens as you make up a narrative about it or encourage your children to use their imagination to create a story.

Fun and educational, this book is useful for stimulating children to use their words to create a story about what the illustrations suggest to them.

You can purchase a copy of My Cat Story from this online bookstore: Amazon

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Elliott Gilbert

Elliott Gilbert has illustrated and written numerous children’s picture books including MAX GOES HUNTING and MY CAT STORY. Among the many books he has illustrated are MITTENS IN MAY by Maxine Kumin and the popular classic, THE BEST LOVED DOLL, by Rebecca Caudill.

His paintings have been exhibited in many galleries and won numerous awards.

Examples of his work can be seen on his website elliottgilbert.com

He lives with his wife in Hoboken, New Jersey.


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