God answers your prayers in Effective Prayers by Rev. Robert Antwi

No matter how long it will take, God is prepared to answer the prayer of his loved ones.

Effective PrayersEffective Prayers shows who you are in the Lord Jesus, the types of prayers, how God answers prayers, and how you can lead a victorious life in Christ Jesus. In this unique prayer book, author Rev. Robert Antwi shows a believer how to pray effectively to receive answer to prayers.

Prayer is talking and listening to God, but many believers do not know how to hear from God – and this book will show them how. It will also show you who you are in the Lord; the power and authority that God has invested in you to destroy the works of Satan; and your access before the Throne of God through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of personal testimonies of answered prayers and the book presents how God answers prayers with fire, earthquake, thunder, lightning, and voices. This also details how he decided to learn to walk with God and to get his prayers answered. Most of the time, a prayer may be delayed but God is using the time to help people build their patience.

Rev. Robert Antwi

Rev. Robert Antwi is the Pastor of the Apostolic Church International, Collingdale, Pennsylvania, United States. He is an internationally renowned Bible Teacher and a powerful man of God. He is a Ghanaian who was educated at Prempeh College, Kumasi, Ghana. He studied mining engineering at the University of Science and Technology School of Mines, Tarkwa, Ghana. He worked in the Ghana Consolidated Diamonds for three years. In 1991, he traveled to Denmark to study Theology at the Apostolic Bible College, in Kolding. He worked as a missionary on M V Anastasis, and he was ordained as a reverend minister when the missionary ship was docked in Sierra Leone in 1993. In 1998, he traveled to the United States of America, where he studied at the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, (now Palmer Theological Seminary) in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, Unites States. He also studied MBA-Finance at Haubs School of Business, Saint Joseph University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Unites States. Rev. Robert Antwi is married to Diana Antwi, and the marriage is blessed with three kids, Isaac, Abigail, and Jedidah.


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