Promoting Self-published Books Through Pinterest

Be updated. There’s nothing worse than being in a crowd only to find out that you don’t belong, that you feel out-of-place. A bugging need to fit in always stands in the way. Same holds true for book marketing. You have to have a nose for what’s new and the eyes for what’s in.

One of the social media sites that have been making a buzz online is Pinterest. Since its launching three years ago, Pinterest has exploded with popularity. This site allows you to upload high-quality, design-focused pins. In fact, talking about media and publishing-related content shared on social networking sites, Pinterest ranks next to Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest, therefore, is a great avenue for free book marketing to authors. pinterestIt gives you the luxury to post and share photos, create a book cover design or make a pin board of images about your books and make it reach a wider niche of people.

On November 15, 2013, Pinterest announced the opening of its API to retailers who wish to embed pins directly on their websites. Aside from that, Pinterest also allows users to re-pin images and posts that they like from the company’s website thereby sharing it to an even larger crowd.

Logically, Pinterest is a wise choice of social media marketing. These days when more and more people tend to become visual learners, Pinterest is but a great deal since it attracts readers not only with its inspirational imagery and colourful photos but also with the layout and background one can choose to use.

There are a lot of avenues to expand your book’s readership, all you have to do is to explore and let your creativity come rolling in. Make sure that you convey your intentions clearly but with a touch of creativity thereby catching the best interests of your readers. Just be wise. Be innovative. Be updated.

Go online. Enjoy Pinterest and get your readers pinned on your books.


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