5 Creative Writing Methods For Your Book Writing Project

Writing a book is overwhelming, that’s a fact. If you are already struggling in writing your essay paper for school, just imagine how tough and stressful it is to write a novel. Compared to essay, writing a novel is a more laborious task. But if you approach this project in a manageable and creative way, you will enjoy your book writing journey.

As you start working on your book, you’ll surely encounter writing challenges along the way. This is undoubtedly a tedious undertaking but writing a good novel is also a fun adventure. If you are passionate in writing and you want your work to be read by everyone, then go for it. Do not stress yourself and think that you cannot do it. Remember, you are a writer and writing a good novel is one of the biggest accomplishments in a writer’s life.

For you to successfully write your novel, here are some creative writing methods that will help you start your project:

1. Baby-Steps Method

This method will teach you how you should perceive an overwhelming task which is writing a novel. If you set yourself to finish a book within a year then this is a good approach for your writing. Have a writing schedule, for example take four weeks in establishing your first draft. Then, for the next couple of weeks, you do the other part of the writing process until you reach your goal.

Breaking down the big picture into smaller one will make you an efficient writer. Don’t hurry yourself and force to write all the chapters in your book in one-sitting. Never mind the time pressure. Take every little step at a time. It only takes baby steps to create a well-written book.

2. The Pomodoro Technique

This technique can help you finish your draft within a specific time. For writers, deadline is very important in doing a project. If you want to finish on time, you must avoid all kinds of distraction and beat procrastination. It is not easy to become a productive writer but with pomodoro technique you’ll be surprised how the flow of your writing comes out naturally.

This method will make your book writing delightfully easy. How? Use a timer to keep track your writing. It will set your boundaries in doing things within a day. Pomodoro technique will teach you to manage your time and ideas efficiently. With too many ideas constantly clanging in your head, it’s hard to focus in one idea to another. You need to fix your concentration and do what you have to do within the given time. Having a timer during your working hours will help you organize your thoughts in writing your novel.

3. Snowflake Method

The snowflake method is arguably the most popular method in creating a plot according to some writers. How does this method works? Well, it starts from having a simple deep theme in your writing. Over time, your ideas will transform into a more complex structure. After spending time refining your character profiles and outline well, you became familiar in every detail of your story.

As you do the ten steps of snowflake method, you’re establishing the skeleton of your book and you slowly fleshing it out. Many novelists and book authors used this method in designing their book and they find it useful in their work because they can start writing with almost nothing and can grow their plot naturally.

4. Intuitive Writing Method

To do this method, you just need to sit down and get on with your writing. Start writing without thinking of what you’re going to write. Let your ideas and thoughts inside your head pour through. Do not think about the plot structure, your characters, setting, etc. This is one way of practicing free write or writing experimentation.

This works for some writers because there is no right and wrong in doing this technique. If you believe that planning too much for your novel gets you stuck, you should follow this method. Intuitive Writing method will help you find your unique voice and launch the writing process.

5. Somewhere-in-Between Writing Method

According to some studies, most novelists and book authors fall in this writing approach. Writers used this method if they can already picture out half of the scenes in their story. If you already have an idea about the beginning or ending of your story, you can apply this in your writing.

Somewhere-in-between writing method is like filling up some blank pages of your story to complete the writing process. This method promotes creative freedom because you have the chance to change some of your ideas and bring in new characters as you go through your novel writing.

You can pick one or more of these writing methods for your book project. Find the writing technique that works best for you and get started with your book writing journey.


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