A Wit’s World


In this collection of six stories, you’ll enjoy the author’s variety of styles, themes, and emotions used to portray the characters and settings. With stories that encompass mystery, humor, drama, and satire, there’s definitely something for you.


In The Unlikely Mentor, a young girl is troubled with her life at home and school until, while walking home from school, she meets an elderly woman in the park. The bond created between the two helps the young girl in coping with her teenaged years.


In Pyramid, two relatively affluent women who met as neighbors become involved in a network marketing program that provides extra income for their shopping habits in an amusing parody.


In On the Tracks, a recent high school graduate leaves home to escape the torment of his abusive stepfather.


In Hair Shrink, a rebellious student overcomes his dissatisfaction with the life standards that were created for him and embarks on a lifestyle and career that allows him to enjoy life going forward.


In the fun fantasy, Lambie, a distracted youth’s mother buys him a stuffed animal for play. The two become inseparable and the relationship creates a combination of havoc and joy along the way.


In Survivors, one recent college graduate overcame the heartbreak of a family tragedy by embarking on an odyssey that helps her to discover that silver linings do indeed exist.



About the Author


Stuart R. Schwartz has worked as an Executive in the insurance and healthcare industries for several years. Upon retirement, he embarked on one of his lifelong goals, to become a writer. He has written several film scripts as well as an assortment of stories. This book contains six of his selected stories. He earned a B.A. degree in Psychology from Tusculum College, Greeneville, Tennessee, and did some postgraduate studies in his business field. He served in the U.S. Army, Artillery Division, for four years before embarking on a business career. He has lived in New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, and Prague in the Czech Republic. His interests include his writing, reading, music of all genres, horses, cooking, and sports. He would enjoy hearing from his friends and readers at stuartschwartz1956@gmail.com.


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