Mr. Hedges and His Wonderful Song

Mr Hedges and His Wonderful Song
The FBI thinks Mr. Hedges has kidnapped Gerry. There’s even a reward for Gerry’s safe return. They are looking for him. But did Mr. Hedges really kidnap him?

Mr. Hedges and Gerry meet “the most beautiful girl in the world” – well, that is to Gerry’s twelve-year-old eyes. Mr. Hedges is in love with her, too. But who is she? She calls herself by a half-dozen different names; she makes herself into a different person for everybody she meets. And Gerry worries if she only wants the reward and turns them in to the cops?

But all through their journey, Mr. Hedges writes “the most wonderful song anybody ever heard.” But that doesn’t really that their troubles are over.

Joseph Somerset

Joseph Somerset was an executive in broadcast management for many years. He and his wife, an artist, live in Boston and in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He died last August 28, 2013. Sad to know though that he could no longer see his work, Mr. Hedges and His Wonderful Song.


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