Publishing and marketing a book has become an easy job

The writers who are interested in telling their stories to their readers have a good opportunity in front of them now. Even the businessmen who needs to share some information, some valuable tips and ideas for the business lovers can do it easily by writing a book of his own, followed by publishing it himself as self publishing is an ideal choice. The self publishing process is not too complicated, but simple. You can publish your book in a digital front, called the eBook. The making of eBook becomes easy due to the process of ebook formatting and covers design. The fixing of the price of the eBook can be much flexible for you, as you can price it with a lesser amount than a paperback. This in turn makes the selling of your eBook being easy. There is always a chance that you may encounter with your friends and family members, who are already a part of the ‘eBook brigade’. It is obvious that there will be lot of competition in the ‘virtual book selling space’.

The self-publishing process is of the following steps:

  1. An appropriate size of the book has to be decided.
  2. You need to write the contents of the book
  3. You need to format the ‘source word manuscript’.
  4. You need to create a suitable cover for your book in the ‘Photoshop’.
  5. You need to get a conversion of the original book document into a PDF file.
  6. The last step must be uploading your book to the self-publisher of your own choice

When you want to market your self-published book, you will encounter with several options for it. The mostly ignored marketing methods are the process of ‘direct mail marketing’. But, this is the process that requires lower cost but at the same time can reach your sales prospects within a short range of time. Unfortunately, many self publishers have forgotten about this book marketing strategy or otherwise don’t believe or think that it’s worth for a ‘tech-savvy self publisher’. Once the online and social media had also been used as one of the marketing strategies, but have now been also replaced by many. Thus, you can realize by all these facts that the direct mail marketing is the most successful and complete marketing plan.

You do not need to move out your ‘comfort zone’ for marketing your book. You do not even need thousands of press releases and any ‘high tech solution’. You just need to relate to the real world. You just need to do whatever you do with your friends, family, colleagues or any new individual you encounter with. Just keep all those questions in mind that they ask you, and what you answer in return, because your audience will be interested to know about your personal feelings while writing and this way you may get great topics for the blog for marketing your book. It is known to all of us that the readers, as well the audience, love to peep inside the heart and mind of the author writing the book.


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