The Playdough Poem

Does special creation by an awesome God explain how people got here, or does evolution make more sense? Is God real, or is chance in charge? Many people talk about God but struggle to answer important questions such as: Who is God? Why should people trust him? Does God care? Now, The Playdough Poem illustrates how a handful of modeling clay can help everyone understand answers to these questions. Author Sandra Edwards’ unique approach makes learning and sharing fun.

The playdough didn’t get here by evolving from something else, and it won’t transform into anything in a million years all by itself. Readers will be amazed at how a simple object lesson can teach children and adults alike that nothing—including planets, plants, animals, and people—could make itself by accident, even if the process continued for a million years. God truly is the Creator of the universe!

This simple poem’s rhyming text refutes the Theory of Evolution quickly and easily. It’s easy to memorize and share, pointing out that the playdough can only be produced by careful measuring, mixing, and cooking of selected, prepared ingredients according to a specific recipe, so a Designer–God–must have been required to make living, functioning, reproducing creatures. Multicultural paintings and complete chapters for English, Spanish, and French illustrate that God has one message for all of humanity: He created the universe, and He is in charge. Bonus poems show how Creation is connected to the Christian gospel.

Sandra Edwards

God has gifted me with lots of artistic interests and talents, among them knitting, scrapbooking (both cut&paste and digital), sewing, quilting, and furniture painting; this is my first book illistration project. I enjoy teaching children in Sunday school, VBS, and Awana Club settings, and wrote a Creation vs Evolution workshop to give teachers resources to share God’s truth creatively. Feel free to share anything from this site: just credit

Once upon a time my husband & I had 5 children, ages 0, 2, 4, 6, & 8…now they’re 15, 17, 19, 21 & 23! I appreciate their support & enthusiasm over all these years, & look forward to mandatory family fun at speaking engagements and book-sending sessions for a long, long time.


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