Sparkles and Guns, Vivian Greene

Sparkles and gunsAre you ready to meet Sparkles the Clown of Many Moods, who comes from a crystal planet in a far-off galaxy? Find out why Sparkles is here on earth as author Vivian Greene inspires children from all walks of life to become the best that they can be and pass it on to future generations through this engaging children’s book.

Sparkles has a non-violent disposition. He just changes colors to correspond his moods. He comes to our world to teach about caring, love and respect one another.

Join Sparkles the Clown of Many Moods as he visits earth to teach children and adults how to love and respect others in the world which they live in with this book that brings to life the author’s dream of inspiring everyone.

Come and tag along as Sparkles goes from one adventure to the next – solving problems. Together with Sparkles, you can do your part in making a better world.

Vivian Greene

Vivian Greene is the founder of Children’s Dream Pals, and the creator of Sparkles the Clown of Many Moods. She currently lives in New Haven Connecticut where she continues to write children’s books. She was born in Springfield, Massachusetts where she studied art at the Vincent Art Museum and at Springfield College in Massachusetts.

At the early age of seven, she demonstrated a talent for the arts. She received a personal letter from the Walt Disney for the artistic rendering while attending the Vincent Art Museum.


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