Walking Through the Storm by Cynthia Wester

Walking Through the Storm

Many of us encounter storms in our lives. But each of us has to face a different kind of hurricane, thunderstorms, or tornado, in our own way – in the way we know how. How do you deal with yours?

When you face financial reversals, loss of loved ones, and other personal human tragedies, how do you usually react? Do you wallow, stand up, give up, or move on? There is only one way to walk through the storms of life, as so many others have before us, and that is clinging to the hand of God.

This book explores how men and women of faith in biblical, as well as modern, times have transversed the storms of adversity, and emerged victorious. Comparisons between storm in both the natural and spiritual realms allow you to differentiate what it means to walk through the storm.


About the Author

Cynthia Wester is the wife of Stanley Wester, and they reside in Rockwood, Tennessee. She is the mother of two grown children, Kimberly Riddle and Adam Wester. She is the doting grandmother of two grandsons and a granddaughter.

Retired from the Roane County Department of Health, Cynthia serves on its Board of Health. She is a member of the Ladies Retreat Committee of Cedine Bible Ministries in Spring City, Tennessee.

She is an active member and teacher in the Little Leaf Baptist Church, Oliver Springs, Tennessee. No stranger to personal storms, her salvation through faith in Jesus, plus her strong faith in God enable her to share lessons that she has learned from the storms of life.


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